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What are the best cybersecurity stocks to purchase since last week's reports from U.S. government?
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This has been a fantastic year in stock for the largest cyber security stocks. It could have improved for some, in fact. It became apparent last Thursday that a number of US federal entities and agencies have been hacked across the globe. It is understandable in what some consider to be the most extreme hack in the U.S. history that everyone will be cautious about their online protection now. "The intrusion has compromised both the federal agencies and critical infrastructure in an advanced and difficult attack, the U.S. Cyber-Safety and Infrastructure Security Agency says."

The effect of this cyber attack has resulted in a 20% decline in cybersecurity shareholding SolarWinds (SWI Stock Report). Conversely, the FireEye cybersecurity stock (FEYE Stock Report), which detected the infringement. If any, the world shows that everyone will suffer from cyber attacks. With such a chilling industry case, investors may wonder whether this is to help some other cybersecurity stocks. With more businesses worrying about the security of their online properties, cybersecurity stocks may see a new rear wind coming quickly as the market opens today.

However, new investors will soon be aware that there are plenty of companies in this sector to invest in. Investments are expected. Because of this, navigating the cybersecurity field may be tricky. To assist with this, this week you'll find a list of the highest levels of cybersecurity.

CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. Best cybersecurity stocks to watch this week

Right off the bat, we have a CrowdStrike cyber safety superstar (CRWD Stock Report). No wonder it has had a fantastic year so far. It's not shocking. The company provides defense, intelligence of threats and cyber-assault response services. The investors are very interested in their stock offering with a so good portfolio for these troubled times. The stock of the CRWD grew last Friday by almost 10 percent to $203.75. This morning, at around $207.36 from 9.40 am, it will again hit new heights. ET Monday. ET on Monday.


It did exceptionally well financially. CrowdStrike saw an 87 percent rise in overall year-over-year sales in its latest quarter of tax released earlier this month. This was followed in the same period by a large jump of 81% in recurring annual sales. CEO George Kurtz points out that the rapid growth of the company underlines its leading position in the Security Cloud industry. Investors are certainly impressed by all of this. But where it came from is more.

Of course the prestige of the company as a cybersecurity titan will now make investors an appealing choice. In addition, the SolarWinds mentioned above went to CrowdStrike to reinforce their systems after the big hack. SolarWinds says: "All the steps needed for our customers and our environments to be safe have become our top priority." As such, CrowdStrike will profit over the long term as it is presented as saving the US on the cybersecurity front. In view of all this, I would not be shocked if investors closely track the CRWD stock until 2021. You going to do the same thing?

This week's best cyber security stock to watch: Palo Alto Networks Inc.

We have Palo Alto after that (PANW Stock Report). The business offers sophisticated firewalls and Cloud applications for customers. It is a California-based international cybersecurity agency. It does this through its own Cortex platform. In particular, since March falls, PANW stocks have risen by more than 160 percent. Investors may be concerned about what the organization has done.


The business seems to be stable in terms of finances. In its latest fiscal quarter posted in November, Palo Alto announced a 23% annual increase in overall sales. The quarter also came to an end with cash of $2.14 billion. As this year the company had spread acquisitions, investors should be assured that its financial position is comfortable. It jumped on last Friday's trading session, close to other cybersecurity stocks. The real question remains, how is Palo Alto going to move forward with its competitors?

Well, the company seems to be in high gear in recent headlines. Palo Alto completed its purchase of the Expanse (ASM) leader on December 15. Expand the know-how of ASM offers greater visibility and protection for Palo Alto customers through the ongoing scanning of exposed properties. This incorporation will improve Cortex's ability to cope with cybersecurity attacks. The business is very much drawn to potential customers who want to update their Internet security measures. This is a wonderful thing. By the way, this sort of customer could now grow. This year it may be on the investors' radars due to the company's string of procurement and impressive financial results. Will you add PANW inventory to your watchlist for 2021, considering all these things?

Best Cybersecurity Stocks To Watch This Week:

We got Norton, eventually (NLOK Stock Report). The safety-software company in Arizona provides a wide variety of cybersecurity solutions from its Norton Security range. Norton provides a number of robust customer plans as well. NLOK inventories have been in good standing so far for a good month of over 14% share rates. Let's look more closely at what the organization was up to at the time.


First of all, in early December it purchased the Avira consumer protection software company. This software manufacturer is no small name, because it has previously been a partner of other companies including Facebook (FB Stock Report) and IBM (IBM Stock Report). It was a positive decision from Norton that Avira had already gained 30 million customers at that time. Secondly, with the new partnership with Paytm revealed earlier last week, Norton seems to have taken advantage of this acquisition. Paytm is a financial-technology and e-commerce payment company in India. Paytm users would have access to a number of packages through this offer to the security program of Norton. Norton says that the "wide and growing reach of Paytm in India" provides a solid way to penetrate the Indian market in consumer goods. This is, of course, incredible news for Norton and its investors.

The company posted gross sales of $626 million per quarter during its last fiscal quarter in November. In conjunction with its 1,01 billion dollars of cash on hand, Norton appears to use its existing capital to the max. May it be the beginning of NLOK stocks to be glorified in 2021, if things go like expected in India? You tell me. You tell me.

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