Vitoria Costa de Castro collapsed and died while having sex with husband

Mum, 18, collapses and dies while having sex in the shower with her husband, causing a mystery.

After collapsing and dying while the two were in the midst of an intimate act, an 18-year-old mother has left her husband heartbroken.

A teen student and mother of one died after passing out in the shower with her husband while having sex.

The death of Vitoria Costa de Castro, 18, who died unexpectedly at her home in Sao Vicente, Brazil, is shrouded in mystery.

The couple had just had sex in their bedroom before opting to go into the bathroom, according to the deceased's husband, 19.

According to The Sun, he then says that his young bride, who has a two-month-old son, passed out during the act.

Vitoria Costa de Castro
Vitoria Costa de Castro

After the husband had called the police, Vitoria's father arrived at the house, followed by the cops.

She was pronounced dead in the early hours of March 18 by the time medics arrived on the scene.

Vitoria showed no signs or marks of abuse, according to the medical team.

Her family has confirmed that she did not smoke, drink, or use drugs, and that she had no reported health issues.

According to preliminary reports, Vitoria died as a result of an irregular heartbeat, also known as arrhythmia.

Doctors say her heartbeats per minute were doubled as a result of her sexual activity.

Her blood pressure would have risen and her lungs would have been overworked as a result of this.

The case is still under investigation.