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The police officer hailed the Senate chamber for directing the Capitol mob

In Wednesday's deadly storming of the United States, a police officer is being hailed for his part in guiding an angry crowd away from the Senate chambers. Capitol by President Donald Trump's supporters.

As police rushed to protect the chamber, Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, named by CNN reporter Kristin Wilson, can be seen getting rioters to step away from the Senate.

officer eugene goodman
officer eugene goodman

Goodman positions himself between a man wearing a black T-shirt for the QAnon conspiracy movement in the confrontation and a corridor leading to the Senate chambers, then shoves the person to induce him and the crowd to pursue Goodman in the opposite direction towards police.

Capitol Police did not respond to a request concerning the officer's identity.

As the US Capitol was raided by Trump's racist mob, this courageous USCP officer stopped the vicious rioters out of the Senate chamber and saved the lives of those inside. For his bravery, God bless him,' U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell wrote on Sunday in a Twitter post.

Trump, who unsuccessfully tried to undo his Nov. 3 election defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, wrongly alleging widespread fraud, called on Washington supporters to protest the congressional counting of electoral votes certifying the win of Biden.

As a result of Wednesday's rioting, five persons, including a Capitol Police officer, died and scores of people were charged.

People who waved Confederate flags and carried garments with insignia and slogans espousing white nationalist views were among the crowd who stormed the Capitol.

Officer Eugene Goodman Heroic Capitol Police Officer Led Mob Away From Senate Chambers