US Navy plane crash in foley alabama today, Killing 2 Crew

Navy plane crashes in Alabama, 2 crew

The plane crashed near a home. No people were wounded, the authorities said.
Residents assembled after a Navy crashed into a suburban area near Foley, Ala.
Residents assembled after a Navy crashed into a suburban area near Foley, Ala.

A Navy plane crashed Friday afternoon in a rural area in Southern Alabama, killing two crew members, the Navy reported.

The plane fell near a home near Foley, Ala., about 30 miles southeast of Mobile, Ala., officials said. No people were wounded on the site, Baldwin County Sheriff's office reported.

The plane was Texan II T-6B, Navy said. The aircraft type is also used to train Navy and Marine Corps pilots, according to the Navy 's website.

The plane's two pilots were a teacher and a student, Naval Air Forces spokesman Cmdr. Zach Harrell said. The Navy said it wouldn't disclose pilot names until 24 hours after next kin are informed.

The plane left the Naval Air Station Whiting Field in Santa Rosa County, Fla., about 60 miles northeast from where it crashed, he said.

The collision, which happened about 4:20 p.m., sent debris to a building, shot it, said Joseph Darby, Foley Fire Department manager. At the time , the two residents fled, Chief Darby said.

Two cars and "the plane's remains" were lost in the crash. Fire crews will easily extinguish the blaze, he added, keeping it from spreading to other street houses.

James Farris, who lives across the street from the fire-caught building, said he saw the accident through his home office's front glass. He frequently hears overhead training aircraft, he said, but on Friday afternoon the aircraft flew audibly low.

"It seemed like the Blue Angels," he said, pointing to the Navy jet party showing aerial. "Really low-flying."

As Mr. Farris searched for the aircraft, he first saw it dive into the deck.

"It erupted at impact," he said, noting that it shot a "massive flame ball" at the house that fired. "When gasoline erupted, it went into the building," he said.

The two people who survived home were a father and daughter, he said.

Protection Service investigates the crash, the sheriff's office said.