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Urban Meyer bar video news, jaguars salary past teams coached net worth

Married coach speaks out following the global success of a'stupid' video with an unknown woman.

Coach Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars apologized to his family, his team, and owner Shad Khan for what he described as dumb acts.

On Saturday night, a video surfaced showing a woman dancing close to Meyer's lap, a footage that rapidly went viral and garnered national attention.

Meyer appears to touch the woman's rear in another footage.

Meyer convened a team meeting on Monday and vowed to "own it," a slogan Meyer employs daily and has plastered throughout the Jaguars facility.

Urban Meyer bar video news, jaguars salary past teams coached net worth
In 2019, Urban Meyer and his wife Shelley.

Meyer told reporters, "I simply apologized to the team and staff for becoming a disruption."

“I was simply stupid, and as a result, I explained everything that occurred and took responsibility for it. Simply foolish. I should not have placed myself in that situation.”

Meyer did not return to Jacksonville with his winless team following Thursday night's 24-21 loss to Cincinnati.

The three-time collegiate national championship coach stayed in his home state of Ohio to visit family members and dined at his Columbus restaurant/bar, Urban Meyer's Pint House, on Friday.

“I stayed to visit the grandkids, and that night we all went to dinner,” he explained.

“There was a large gathering adjacent to our restaurant, and they requested that I come over and photograph them, which I did. They were attempting to entice me out on the dance floor, and I should have left.”

In the nine-second footage, a young blond woman danced between Meyer's legs as he sat on a bar stool.

“I've always been really protective of (my guys)," he explained.

“I recall when (rookie quarterback) Trevor (Lawrence) informed me that he was planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas. I was just thinking, 'My God, man, be careful and surround yourself because I've witnessed this happen.'

“With regards to the team, I spoke one-on-one with a number of leaders and with all of the players. They're quite good. They are concentrating their efforts in Tennessee. I apologized once more for being a source of distraction. A coach should not be an eye sore.”

Meyer also apologized to his family

“Of course I did. That is not my case. Yes, they are displeased,” he stated.

The Jaguars (0-4) have lost 19 consecutive games, falling seven games short of tying Tampa Bay's NFL record established in 1977. Meyer maintains that they have made significant strides since Week 1.

However, the franchise's epic losing streak ranks relatively low on the list of embarrassing gaffes since Meyer was lured out of retirement in January.

Meyer expressed fear that his recent incident could have long-term repercussions with players he hopes will buy into his methods for completing the team's rebuild.

“I have a great rapport with our players,” he explained.

“I've dealt with this, not with the opposition, but with staff members and other issues, and I've dealt with it. To say I'm concerned, well, I am. However, I have to do the right thing.”

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