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The world is in shock after Chris Weidman's sickening broken leg at UFC 261.

Chris Weidman's heinous broken leg will never be forgotten, and for many UFC fans, the sight of his injury was too much to bear. Caution: Graphic material.

Battle fans turned away in horror when Chris Weidman suffered a shocking broken leg seconds into his UFC 261 bout against Uriah Hall.

The American connected with a kick but then snapped his right ankle, collapsing to the canvas in pain as his leg buckled.

Weidman was in a world of pain
Weidman was in a world of pain

He was treated by medical personnel inside the Octagon and escorted out on a stretcher as social media freaked out over the shocking development.

“This is simply horrific,” MMA analyst and podcaster Luke Thomas wrote on Twitter.

“This is heartbreaking,” UFC reporter Ariel Helwani wrote. I can't believe what I'm hearing. " This is heinous.

“I'm feeling queasy. Nobody is deserving of this. This is a heinous, heinous sport.”

Jose Youngs described it as "one of the most horrific injuries I've ever seen," while Dane Swan, a former AFL player, described it as "the nastiest s**t I've ever seen."

Hopefully he can recover
Hopefully he can recover

Twitter erupted with viewers repeating the word "oh my god," as though they couldn't believe their eyes.

When fighter Raquel Pennington tweeted, "Holy s**t, I want to vomit," she expressed what everyone was thinking.

Weidman's heinous injury occurred after a stoppage in the main event's opening bout, in which Australian Jimmy Crute's leg was also battered.

At the end of the first round, a kick from Anthony Smith rendered Crute unable to stand and continue fighting, prompting the doctor to stop the bout.

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