Trump Town Hall Host, George Stephanopoulos and Savannah Guthrie political affiliation

Savannah Guthrie gets answers from Trump by setting a fast pace.

Savannah Guthrie spent most of the NBC News town hall ripping President Trump with a series of fast-paced, conversational questions putting him on the spot and effectively exposing his evasions in a manner that few of his interlocutors managed.

President Trump duped Savannah Guthrie 's query about QAnon 's conspiracy party
President Trump duped Savannah Guthrie 's query about QAnon 's conspiracy party, saying he knew nothing. He also defended on Twitter.

Ms. Guthrie asked Mr. Trump basic questions about the dining table. She pressed him to explain why he would amplify a conspiracy theory that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. had orchestrated to kill SEAL Team 6 to cover up Osama bin Laden's reportedly false death.

"Why would you give your followers such a lie? "Ms. Guthrie asked him about his hypothesis.

"That's a retweet," said Trump. "I'll position it there."

"I don't understand," she said. "You're chairman. You're not like a mad uncle who can retweet something.

Mr. Trump said he relied on social media to circumvent the news media he feels is biased. "I couldn't get the word out," he said.

Guthrie interrupted. "It's fake," she said.

In another clear but strong exchange, Ms. Guthrie did not consider his response that he was unfamiliar with the QAnon conspiracy theory, condemning it on several occasions.

"I don't know QAnon," Mr. Trump said.

"You know," Guthrie said, remembering she had explained what the party was to him in real time.

"I don't know," he said, adding, "You tell me it all, let's waste a show."

Ms. Guthrie was successful in pinning down the president simply by following up on her questions, through her best efforts to resist answering them.

"Have you checked on the debate day, though? "When addressing his coronavirus diagnosis, she wondered what was a bleak timeline when the president took his last negative test before revealing his virus test on Oct. 2.

"When you ask doctors, they'll give you a great answer," said Mr. Trump.

"You checked on the debate day, I think it's the bottom line," she pushed.

"Probably," he added.

Ms. Guthrie's conversational and piercing style of interview managed to get under the president's skin.

"Why aren't you curious why Joe Biden doesn't condemn antifa? "Trump asked her.

"Because you're here," she said, "indeed.

"Too adorable," Mr. Trump said, in a condescending manner that he was unlikely to endeavor to win over to the suburban woman electorate.