Trump supporter pulls gun on riot attack antifa salem Oregon

A dramatic scene occurs. After his vehicle was vandalized and pelted with paint, a MAGA supporter pulls a gun on a mob of Antifa rioters.

After his vehicle was vandalized during a caravan past the capitol building in Salem, a TRUMP supporter was captured on camera pulling a pistol on Antifa demonstrators.

Before the driver steps out and brandishes the pistol, the left-wing militants hurl paint across the truck's windscreen and smash the taillights.

Although it is unclear if mace was used on the driver, who was wearing an American flag jumper, some Antifa demonstrators were armed with it.

Police told the driver to drop to the ground and surrender his handgun almost instantly.

The tense scene was one of many that occurred near the Oregon State Capitol grounds in Salem, where left and right-wing demonstrators clashed.

Protesters, many sporting black masks and helmets and some wearing anti-fascist stickers, waited for a convoy from a right-wing rally in Sandy, Oregon, for several hours, according to the Statesman Journal.

The "Independence" rally was advertised as a celebration of those who "fought for our liberty."

However, as the convoy passed through Salem, demonstrators on the sidewalks and in the street hurled objects at several cars, smashing windows.

Cars driving past the Capitol were also hit with paint-filled balloons, and lasers were aimed at drivers, according to police.

Andrew Alan Foy, 34, was arrested for second-degree disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal trespass, Nathan McFarland, 33, was arrested for second-degree disorderly conduct, and Anthony Villaneda, 18, was arrested for five charges of pointing a laser.

Court Street was closed by cops due to "ongoing allegations of illegal activity."

They threatened to use "impact weapons, munitions, and tear gas" against demonstrators if they did not leave immediately, and protesters could be detained.

A police officer intervened after a gun was pulled on anti-fascist protesters in Salem, Oregon, as rival groups clashed on Saturday.