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Jimmy Kimmel Rips Rally 'Superspreader'

"While his own White House released rules that there should be no meetings of more than 25 people in central Iowa, they're doing this," Kimmel said of President Trump 's rally.

Trump Superspreader
"Tonight, ten thousand strong were expected, so that'd be 2,200 infected people," Kimmel said of Trump's Iowa rally.

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Trump Spreads Positive

Jimmy Kimmel described the campaign rally of President Trump in Iowa on Wednesday as a "superspreader" case.

"Over the last 24 hours, Iowa 's positive rate is nearly 22%. Ten-thousand strong is predicted tonight, so that'd be 2,200 people sick, "Kimmel said.

"The second wave is obviously ongoing, and while you'd imagine anything like that to make the president think twice about the unmasked egomania orgies he 's associated in, Donald Trump doesn't think about it twice. He doesn't even think once, mostly. "—JIMMY KIMMEL

"While his own White House released guidance that there should be no meetings of more than 25 people in central Iowa, they're doing this. That only applies if it's not his tribute. "—JIMMY KIMMEL

The Punchiest Punchlines (NBC Loves Trump Edition)

"You know, there was going to be a debate tomorrow night, but because Trump wouldn't agree with the simulated model they chose when he checked the coronavirus positively, he backed it all out. So, when there was no discussion, Biden decided to do ABC town hall that night. So Trump confirmed today that he would also do an NBC town hall alongside Biden. So, that settles it — now I know what I'll do: I'll vote for both of them, right? "JIMMY KIMMEL"

"Graces, NBC. First 'Apprentice' and now. Why not a new Bill Cosby special while we're there? "JIMMY KIMMEL"

"Of course more viewers watch Trump. That means nothing. If my choices are to watch a Bill of Rights documentary or a guy hit with a shovel in the nuts, I'll shovel every time. "—JIMMY KIMMEL.

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