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Tragic Shooting Devastates Quiet Romeoville Neighborhood: Family of 4 Found Dead, Including Children and Pets


ROMEVOILLE, Ill. - Shock and grief engulfed a quiet neighborhood in Romeoville as the bodies of four people, including two children, were discovered with fatal gunshot wounds. The gruesome scene unfolded on Sunday night, sending shockwaves through the community.

Police arrived at the residence on Concord Avenue after a concerned family member requested a well-being check. What they found was devastating - two adults and two children, lifeless. Tragically, three dogs were also found shot to death.

In a press conference, authorities confirmed that this was not a murder-suicide and are actively searching for a suspect. The victims have been identified as Roberto Rolon and Zoraida Bartolomei, with their relation to the children remaining undisclosed.

Neighbors were left stunned by the horrifying event. "It's unnerving, very unnerving," said Dan Lugo, a resident. "We moved here for the peace and quiet, and now something like this happens. It's just messed up."

As investigators work tirelessly to gather leads and evidence, residents are urged to exercise caution but not to shelter in place. The shooting is believed to have occurred sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

This heart-wrenching tragedy has left the community on edge, with many struggling to comprehend the senseless violence that has struck so close to home.


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