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Trader joe's wine shop union square hours closed, can you buy online

Union Square was bombed for two bucks.
Union Square was bombed for two bucks.

The only Trader Joe's wine shop in New York abruptly closes.

Additionally, there is more evidence that New Yorkers were ghosted by the Bumble restaurant.

Nash Patel developed a routine of purchasing groceries and a couple bottles of wine from Trader Joe's in Union Square when he first arrived in New York City three years ago.

At the time, the offer permitted customers to mix & match six bottles while receiving a discount off the final cost. He remembered that "it made things really accessible."

But when he passed the business last week, he was shocked to see it closed: He described it as a "institution" for the region and claimed that "it basically popped out of nowhere." It's incomprehensible that he's gone.

The last Trader Joe's wine store in New York State abruptly closed last week, putting some of the grocery store chain's patrons in a funk.

The sign states, "We have been a small wine shop in Union Square for over 15 years and appreciate your business and support over the years." There are many theories concerning the closure's cause, including the pandemic's effects, the lease's expiration, and the need for a new location.

It is time to investigate another location that will enable us to maximize the potential of our sole wine license in New York State, according to the sign.

Customers in New York will be given "a wine store experience," the business stated, and employees located there will receive pay through August 28 with the chance to transfer to another site in the city.

Union Square was bombed for two bucks.
Union Square was bombed for two bucks.

A Trader Joe's spokesman declined to comment on what the future of the company's shop would entail.

One of the least expensive places to buy food and booze was at a Trader Joe's store near Union Square, which was surrounded by a wine shop and a neighborhood dotted with luxury apartment buildings and dorms for NYU students.

When the California-based chain, known for its outstanding house-brand products and great bargains, opened as the first retailer in the New York market in 2006, the store quickly achieved enormous popularity. The wine shop quickly evolved into more of a fixture in a bustling residential neighborhood than a traditional wine and liquor store.

Fans of Two Buck Chucks (a bottle of wine from the store's Charles Shaw label that costs approximately $2, depending on where you live) and other possibilities swarmed, in addition to customers inventing recipes and pairings from the inventive culinary selections. obtainable for business.

Wines from California wine country as well as those from New Zealand, Italy, France, and other countries are typically sold at Trader Joe's. The majority of it is under his own label.

On weekday evenings, the line for both locations can be seen wrapping around the building on a busy Manhattan corner or into Union Square Park.

The 28-year-old Mr. Patel, who works in private equity, claimed that although wine shops today provide more choices, he still has the "nostalgia element."

The chain only had a license for one wine store in the city because of New York's strict liquor laws, so it picked a location next to a Trader Joe's grocery store.

However, a lot of customers complained that they were suddenly unable to pick up several of their preferred vitamins.

In California, where most supermarkets are permitted to sell beer, wine, and liquor, is where Trader Joe's is situated. Depending on the state's laws, certain supermarkets may sell wine and beer. While corporations like Trader Joe's typically have a separate area to sell wine or liquor, supermarket stores in New York are only permitted to offer beer.

On the Upper West Side of New York City, there is only one Whole Foods wine shop that is independent from the supermarket store.

While a sign at the Union Square store signaled that Trader Joe's would soon open a new wine location in the city, this week's TikTok videos of the closed door did not cheer up supporters. to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" track.


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