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Also, Cowardly Senator Ted Cruz whines about his daughters' involvement in the Cancun caper.

My aunt lives in Houston. And honestly, it has been a while since I've visited that location.

It is not as if she has not extended an invitation to me. I have a lot of excuses, among them being a bad nephew.

On my last trip to that location, it was more than 100 degrees outside for several days. Our greatest fear during those hot and sticky days was how long it would take to get from my car with air conditioning to her apartment with air conditioning.

It was 14 degrees in Houston the other day, which was followed by extreme snowstorms that immobilized the area, causing closures of highways, frozen pipes, and a power outage.

Basically, I'm not going to see my aunt right now. I felt I could do the least I could, so I called her.

Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas
Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas

I was in Las Vegas, but I had to get out of there. This is a Valentine

Her neighbors must be envious. It's clear that they want to flee like her and leave the ice-covered roads and frozen pipes behind.

But, there is something you should know about my father's youngest sister that will give her neighbors, the competition, cause for concern.

She is not a member of the U.S. Senate. She is not a full representation of the state of Texas. Many people do not expect her to be present during the midst of a crisis that affects hundreds of thousands of people.

She is not Senator Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is a coward who panics and blames his daughters for the crisis.

The girls decided to go on a trip with friends so they had school postponed for the week, said Cruz. After that, photos of him boarding a plane to Cancun flooded the internet. Desiring to be a good father, I arrived with them the night before and will return with them this afternoon.

Following the social media uproar, Senator Good Dad confessed that the trip was a mistake. He also confessed that he had made a firm promise to stay until Saturday.

Demonstrators stage a rally in front of Sen. Ted Cruz's home on Thursday, February 18, 2021, in Houston, demanding his resignation.
Demonstrators stage a rally in front of Sen. Ted Cruz's home on Thursday, February 18, 2021, in Houston, demanding his resignation.

Cruz's Cancun caper was every bit as bad as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision to spend a summer day soaking in the sun on his personal beach after closing public beaches over a dumb budget disagreement.

Got it. Cruz's getaway was a total nightmare. Several lives were potentially in danger. The implication here is that, as a rule, Ted Cruz should not be climbing utility poles and fixing power lines.

However, could it make him feel uncomfortable to visit a homeless shelter in Houston and order a cup of hot chocolate?

I asked my aunt if she had any thoughts on Cruz's decision to leave the state when it was needed most.

In the background, a slot machine was singing. The ice cubes in her glass were melting.

According to her, she was not even worried about Senator Cruz or the fact that he was weathering the storm. There's no need to think about that until she returns.