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Tash Peterson Instagram news, blood and stormed Perth’s Louis Vuitton store

Tash Peterson protests in a Louis Vuitton store by wearing underwear and menstrual blood.

After being released from a two-week quarantine, Tash Peterson smeared herself in period blood and attacked Perth's Louis Vuitton store.

Tash Peterson, a prominent animal rights activist, entered a Louis Vuitton store wearing only her panties and her own period blood.

As she approached the designer store in Perth on Saturday, the 27-year-old held a poster that read, "I would rather be naked than wear someone else's flesh."

“Who was murdered for your leather bag, down jacket, and woollen jumper?” she said as she walked through the crowded store.

Within moments, though, she was approached by a male worker who attempted to herd her into a corner and remove the person filming's camera.

Tash Peterson Instagram news, blood and stormed Perth’s Louis Vuitton store
Tash Peterson protests in her underwear at Louis Vuitton.

Additional personnel intervened and tore her sign in two, but her protest continued.

“If you are not vegan, you are a perpetrator of animal abuse. Louis Vuitton is responsible for the slaughter of cows, sheep, goats, foxes, minks, ducks, and geese," she informed stunned bystanders.

“Louis Vuitton and you, if you are not vegan, have blood on our hands,” she concluded.

“Animals are not garments; they are not food; they are not commodities; they are not machines or objects.”

Staff members proceeded to herd her out of the store, as several people laughed and one even said, "kill yourself!"

Ms Peterson circled the shop several times before exiting.

The stunt marked her return to Western Australia following a brief stint in Melbourne, where she staged multiple lingerie protests alongside fellow vegan activist Stefania Ferrario.

There were widespread rumours that Ms Peterson had been expelled from Western Australia, however she was given entrance two weeks ago after originally being denied several G2G passes.

The reports emerged after the group staged a demonstration in a restaurant and was later barred from all permitted venues in Western Australia.

She stated that she had returned to court to face additional charges, with one scheduled for early October and another for December.


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