Summer Watkins and Yordan Nao x-rated onlyfans video, only fans leaked

Couple Caught Creating X-Rated OnlyFans in Florida After Being Pulled Over for a Traffic Violation, Video in the Back of a Police Squad Car.

When the trooper who stopped them for a suspended license let them off at a petrol station, they began filming themselves performing the sexual act.

A Florida couple was jailed after being discovered having oral sex in the back of a police car following a traffic stop.

Summer Watkins and Yordan Nao, both 24, engaged in sexual intercourse after being placed in a police cruiser following Noa's arrest for driving with a suspended license early Thursday morning, according to a Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

The trooper was to drop them off at a petrol station in Naples, Florida, where they could arrange for a ride home.

Summer Watkins and Yordan Nao x-rated onlyfans video, only fans leaked
Summer Watkins and Yordan Nao

According to an arrest report acquired by The Smoking Gun from Trooper J.D. Perez-Morales, Watkins remarked Nao minutes after the couple got in the squad car, "honey, we should record an OnlyFans movie back here."

"What if I suck his d**k back here?" Watkins then asked the officer. The officer cautioned her from performing the sexual act, but Watkins persevered and asked the trooper the same question. The trooper exited the vehicle a minute later after informing the couple that the trip to the petrol station would take "a couple of minutes."

"Mr. Nao removed his penis from his shorts shortly after I closed the door," Perez-Morales wrote. " The defendant then knelt and engaged in roughly 40 seconds of oral sex with Mr. Nao. The sexual act was captured on camera by the camera installed in the prisoner compartment.

Watkins was overheard yelling "f**k Five-O" while having oral sex with Nao and recording the act on his cellphone. "Can you hear what I'm saying? "She's sucking d**k right now in the back of a State Trooper," he continued to videotape Watkins.

Nao was apparently captured using FaceTime to communicate with a friend shortly after the sex act concluded, prompting Watkins to comment that she "just swallowed his d**k in the back of a police cruiser."

Nao and Watkins Detained After Officer Review of Video Nao was arrested after another trooper discovered controlled narcotics in his vehicle. Following that, Perez-Morales dropped Watkins off at the petrol station. Perez-Morales then studied the patrol car's video footage and returned to the petrol station, where he detained Watkins. She was accused with sexual and lascivious conduct and disorderly conduct.

Nao was charged with drug possession, marijuana possession, violation of the peace, indecent exposing of a genital organ, and lewd and lascivious behavior. Both defendants were arrested and sent to the Collier County Jail. They were all released on bond the following day. Nao has been scheduled to appear in court on December 13, while Watkins is scheduled to appear on December 16.