Subway kicker Bradley Hill 32 bjj of Brooklyn escalator kick dailymail

The NYPD apprehends an alleged Brooklyn subway escalator shoveler.

Charges of assault have been brought against a woman who kicked down a Brooklyn subway escalator.

Cops reported Saturday that a passenger accused of kicking a woman down a Brooklyn subway escalator was apprehended at his house.

Bradley Hill, 32, wore a collared blue dress shirt and a dark business suit as he was led out of a Coney Island NYPD Transit Bureau station following his Friday arrest.

Hill faces assault and attempted assault charges.

“I'm still uncomfortable discussing it,” the woman admitted Friday night. "It was an unpleasant experience."

On Sept. 9, 2021, police released surveillance video of a woman being kicked down an escalator at the Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center station in Brooklyn.

Subway kicker Bradley Hill 32 bjj of Brooklyn escalator kick dailymail
Bradley Hill, suspected of kicking a woman on a Brooklyn subway escalator, is escorted out of the Coney Island NYPD Transit Bureau station on Friday evening.

The incident escalated into violence as the commuter brushed past the woman on the escalator and she requested that he say "Excuse me."

“I did,” he allegedly stated before kicking her in the chest and fleeing.

The woman plummeted several feet to the escalator's bottom. She sustained scrapes and bruises to her back, arms, and legs but declined medical treatment on the spot.

Hill, who resides in a building near the Barclays Center in Boerum Hill, police said, does not have a criminal record.

The girl, a fashion design student, told the Daily News she was attacked while walking home from class.

“I stated, 'Excuse me.' Those three words alone,” the victim explained to The News. “And then I averted my gaze. He answered angrily, 'I did say excuse me.' And then he kicked me in the chest. Oh my God, it was from the top to the bottom of the escalator at the Barclay Center.”

“This was more than a flight of stairs. Escalators are jagged and squeaky,” she recalled. “They're larger and more pointed. Everywhere on my body. I look as if I've been clawed by a tiger.”

“I've never seen him before, and I'm hoping he hasn't seen me,” she added. “And I sincerely hope I never run across him again.”