Stone Foltz and collin wiant Kappa Alpha handle of alcohol at BGSU

According to officials, a 22-year-old Bowling Green State University student was critically injured during an alleged fraternity hazing and brought to the hospital in a coma.

A 20-year-year-old college sophomore from Bowling Green State University is fighting for his life after being reportedly forced to drink 40 shots as part of fraternity hazing.

He was sentenced to prison for seven years. Foltz is on life support and under medical supervision as doctors determine how to harvest his organs for donation.

the announcement is less than two days after Foltz, a high school athlete, has been hospitalized following an off-campus fraternity event

A student of Bowling Green State University is critically ill following alleged hazing.
A student of Bowling Green State University is critically ill following alleged hazing.

One of the members of the rush class, who was rushing at the same time, claimed that pledges were made to drink 1.75L of alcohol before they were allowed to leave the fraternity.

Folt was picked up at his apartment at the end of the day between 11:30 and 11:00 p. According to the television station, his lawyer told WTOL, on Friday, he said The good friends of the second-year student immediately dialed 9-1-1-1 and he was rushed to the hospital.

His mother instructed him to “Hug your children every day and tell them how much you love them.”

The Delta Beta Gamma fraternity is fully cooperating with the police in their investigation.

The Fraternity is extremely upset and angry about this. “The Fraternity is against illegal behavior, substance abuse, bullying, and hazing of any kind,” the organization announced.

We repeat in the most emphatic fashion: We will not condone or defend any behavior that creates a potentially hazardous situation for our people or the university community.