Spot em got em shooting, rapper spotemgottem shot 5 times last night news

Spot Em Got Em Shot

Spot Em Got Em, a Jacksonville rapper, was reportedly shot five times in the head Friday night in Miami. Learn about his predicament.

The rapper spotemgotem and Pooh Shiesty's deaths have been widely reported in the media. The media is brimming with condolences.

While another group claims Pooh is deceased and Spotemgotem is critically ill. There have been videos created, and his supporters are offering their prayers to the souls of the departed.

Spot em got em
Spot em got em
Spot Em Was Shot To Death - Is He Alive or Dead?

Spotemgotem was shot five times in Florida, according to news reports. And the narrative is still unfolding. The primary source for this information is unknown.

Over and over, the more renown you get, the more rumors about you circulate. Numerous people enjoy making jokes about celebrities.

This has developed into a daily routine for readers or spectators. With numerous hoaxes circulating on a regular basis involving renowned people, things become ridiculous.

According to some, rappers receive greater hostility in their own community, which is why they leave. There is no credible media coverage of this.

Further digging into Google to ascertain the veracity of this, it appears as though this is a vague joke; no one has been confirmed as having died or being in critical condition.

His most recent Instagram post was a week ago. You may find him on Instagram at @spotemgotem. He currently has 850K followers.

Spotemgotem Height and Weight – His Age

On October 19, 2001, Spotemgotem was born. The American rapper is 19 years old. He also writes music. Libra is his zodiac sign.

He is perhaps best recognized for his 2020 chart-topping track "Beat Box," which peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. With his braces on, the rapper has a distinct appearance.

He is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs an undisclosed amount. According to his appearance, he must weigh less than 60KG.

Learn more about Spotemgotem, whose real name is Nehemiah Lamar Harden. He want to be a legend, even tweeting a message that reads, 'no heaven, but remain a legend'.

He was arrested in June 2017 in Duval County, Florida, alongside Chaddrick Daniels. They were riding their bike along Sandlake Drive in the 1100 block.

He was charged with grand theft auto and concealment of a firearm. On July 15, this year, he was detained once more.

He was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm/accessory following the fact.