Spectrum news 1 TV reporter Brianna Hamblin harassed by two men in Rochester

‘I cannot be alone with a Black woman': Rochester reporter harassed on the job shares video.

Two men harassed a Black woman journalist in Rochester, and the incident was captured on camera.

Brianna Hamblin, a Spectrum News Rochester reporter, shared the footage on Twitter on Friday.

While she was preparing a report, a gentleman said to Hamblin, "You look nice by the way," to which she replied, "Thank you." The second man interjected, "You are as beautiful as hell." Hamblin, too, expressed gratitude calmly.

Spectrum news 1 TV reporter Brianna Hamblin harassed
Spectrum news 1 TV reporter Brianna Hamblin harassed

Following a brief discussion about Hamblin's job, one man stated, "See, that's why I'm not allowed to be alone with a Black woman." Alternatively, a mulatto, s—-. For the simple reason that I despise these f—-ing white girls.”

“All right, then, we're finished here,” Hamblin responded. “Enjoy the remainder of your day.”

Regardless, one man stated, "You are sexy as f—-." “Sexy!”

“Oh my God,” Hamblin exclaimed at the conclusion of the clip.

“The audacity with which men speak to me never ceases to astound me,” Hamblin wrote on Twitter Friday. “What makes you believe that women want to be spoken to in that manner? This is in no way endearing. It's unpleasant. It's revolting.”

“Being a Black woman in this industry presents its own set of challenges, but disparaging one group of women in order to 'praise' another is NEVER acceptable. It demonstrates that you have an odious fetish based on stereotypes, which is equally racist.” She added that she was fortunate to have a crew with her, as solo female broadcasters are placed in dangerous situations and must deal with harassment alone.

Despite the men's best efforts to sabotage her day, Hamblin completed her report on free food deliveries to Rochester families.