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Southwest Airlines racial profiling, Mary MacCarthy daughter Moira

Southwest Airlines suspected her of trafficking her biracial daughter, her mother claims.

Southwest Airlines is being accused of racial profiling by a California lady who claims she was accused of human trafficking while traveling with her biracial daughter.

Mary MacCarthy of Los Angeles told CNN she was travelling to Denver with her 10-year-old daughter, Moira, on October 22 after learning her brother had died unexpectedly.

Ms MacCarthy stated that they made a quick detour in San Jose and boarded another Southwest flight, but discovered they were unable to sit together.

"I requested that we be seated together but was told that we would each have to take a middle seat," Ms MacCarthy explained.

Southwest Airlines racial profiling, Mary MacCarthy daughter Moira
Mary MacCarthy and her daughter moira

"With their consent, I requested that other passengers move to allow us to be together, especially as my daughter was grieving, and they agreed. Individuals are pleasant."

Ms MacCarthy stated that when she and her daughter arrived in Denver, they were greeted on the jetway by two Denver police officers.

"I was taken aback; having lost a brother the night before, I assumed that another member of my family had perished and that police had been dispatched to break the news," Ms MacCarthy wrote in an email to Southwest Airlines' media team that was included in the police report.

"My daughter, on the other hand, was terrified: she was still reeling from the pain of her uncle's death, and she is fearful of police as a result of continual headlines about how police treat Black people (she is Black). She began to sob and was distraught "As stated in her email.

Ms MacCarthy stated that the cops assured her that nothing was wrong but stated that they wanted to question her and her daughter.

"They stated that they were here because my daughter and I were reported for suspicious behavior prior to and during boarding," she explained.

"I instantly got out my phone and began recording. I informed (the officer) of our identity and the fact that my daughter was inconsolable over the loss of a family member "According to Ms MacCarthy.

According to a Denver police report, "both mother and child have been cleared."

Officers were also responding to a "potential human trafficking complaint by a South West flight attendant," according to the report – but Ms MacCarthy claims she learned she was accused of human trafficking two weeks later.

"I received a call from the Denver Police Department's human trafficking unit informing me that they were investigating the event," she told CNN.

CNN contacted the Denver Police Department regarding Ms MacCarthy's claim on Sunday afternoon but did not receive a response.

Southwest Airlines is being accused of racial profiling by Ms MacCarthy. She claims to have contacted an attorney and is seeking to hold the airline "wholly liable."

"I gave the airline ample opportunity to contact me and apologize - more than two weeks later, I've received no more than two brief automated messages. The time has passed for an apology "According to Ms MacCarthy.

Ms MacCarthy requested a written apology from Southwest, prompt payment of the full cost of their tickets, and "extra compensation to account for the pain put on an innocent family, particularly on a grieving ten-year-old Black daughter" in her email to Southwest's media team.

Southwest Airlines expressed "disappointment" with Ms MacCarthy's account of the events and intends to contact her.

"We are doing an internal evaluation of the incident and will contact the Customer to address her concerns and express our apologies for her travel experience with us. Our staff receives extensive training on human trafficking. Above all, Southwest Airlines takes pride in creating an environment that is friendly and inclusive for the millions of Customers who fly with us each year "Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Dan Landson told CNN on Sunday.

"If this had been a White youngster, no one would have raised an eyebrow," Ms MacCarthy's attorney David Lane told CNN.


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