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After Reject Shop starts selling dupe, smiths send clues about Tasty Toobs

Smiths seem to have changed their heart after refusing to put a popular snack back amid the persistent appeals of frustrated Australians.

It seems Smiths are finally listening, after months of tireless campaigning, to the cries of Toobs fans.

In 2001, when the tubular tomato-flavored chip ceased, the snacking business broke Australian hearts twice. Later in 2007 Smiths revives them only eight years later to give them an axis again.

But in 2020, the beloved Tasty Toobs started to strike back when readers disproportionately voted in a poll as the "forgotten Aussie-snack."

Smiths have consistently ignored our appeals, saying that "the demand has declined to this sweet tomato leafy treat and that the continuous production cannot be justified anymore."

This is Australia's retro snack food, our favorite Delicious.
This is Australia's retro snack food, our favorite Delicious.

However, when the "dupe" of the past was not forgotten, the treatment came to the shelves of The Reject Store, which looked remarkably identical.

She was discovered by Leigh Campbelell, self-recovery snack-packer, as a tasting "pretty damn close" to the real deal for the $3 imitation – known as Barbecue Tubes.

Now Smiths seems to have changed their heart, it would very well be on their cards if Toobs returned, after found those at the top.

"We love Toobs' love – nothing really does," said a spokesman.

"It could be around the corner you never know."

Speak of a tune shift.

Michael Busch, of the newly identified competitor Snack Lovers who distributes Toobs, told that Australian-owned family business knew about this contrast.

"We know that our BBQ Tubes have been compared to Tasty Toobs and are very excited to be enjoyed by consumers," he said.

"The BBQ Tubes have already been sold for over ten years, but it only seems that the contrast with Tasty Toobs happened when our products first reach the Rejection Shop last year.

"Our most popular product, our BBQ Tubes, was very good in 2020 and seems to continue this year through the Reject Shop and other retailers."

After the $3 imitation of the Reject Store, Smiths seem to have had a heart change
After the $3 imitation of the Reject Store, Smiths seem to have had a heart change

The 16,000 followers of TOOBS Facebook page Carry back are other fierce activists who would like Smiths to rethink its Toobs Decision.

Brad, the founder, said previously,, "There is nothing else like them on the market."

"You get the tang in your mouth when you bite into one. While several companies have attempted to duplicate them, they can't really do it. You are crunchy, tangy and know you've eaten your mouth's roof hours later. You know. At one... bag you can't avoid."

In 1954, Albert Cranum created toobs and in the 1970s, it became famous.

The chip was unfortunately killed in 2001 just six years later under the new name Tasty Toobs by Smiths Snackfoods, and was resurrected six years late in 2007.

Three years later, along with the Samboy potato chips and Barney Banana ice-creams, they led a retro snack revival, but were retired by 2015. It was the second (and last) death, three months after Toobs fell from 175g to 170g.

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