Skating coach Peter Oppegard alleged physical abuse Jessica Pfund

An inquiry has been opened into the alleged physical harassment of a US figure skating instructor.

U.S. figure skating figure coach and one-time Olympic medalist is the target of an investigation into allegations of physical harassment of skaters.

It has been revealed that 61-year-old Peter Oppegard is being prosecuted by the federal government. The Center for SafeSport has made the headlines, according to USA Today. SafeSport was founded by the United States. The Olympic Committee is undertaking an inquiry into allegations of corruption in Olympic sports.

Peter Oppegard holds a press conference in Artesia, California, on October 5, 2010.
Peter Oppegard holds a press conference in Artesia, California, on October 5, 2010.

USA Today has confirmed that Oppegard has been accused of biting a skater in 2013 and throwing hot liquids on other trainees many times during the previous decade, according to court records. Additionally, at that period, Oppegard was working at East West Ice Palace in Artesia, California.

Jessica Pfund, a pairs skater who practiced at the rink, reported in a 2014 USA Today report that Oppegard bit her when he was angry at her during a practice in 2013. The story of Pfund's mother and another person at the rink was checked by the media outlet.

Two other individuals, who preferred to remain anonymous in order to prevent retribution, publicly revealed to USA Today and SafeSport that Oppegard would throw scalding hot water and coffee at skaters during training sessions at the California rink.

USA Today announced that Pfund stopped training under Oppegard in 2014. The protection consultancy company, which has been accused of losing authority and freedom from the USOC, started investigating Oppegard in July 2020, and reached out to Pfund a month later.

There are currently no hypotheses as to how or why the investigation started. USAT reported that Safesport investigators arrived at Pfund's home and informed her that she had never reported the 2013 dog attack on Oppegard because she and her mother were concerned about the consequences for Oppegard's family.

USA Today claims that Oppegard is married to Karen Kwan, Michelle Kwan's older sister, but the two are now estranged. Karen Kwan and Oppegard shared the experience of training ice skaters with Artesia Palace's masters, and now they have two children.

Pairs skaters Oppegard and Jill Watson are the last American pair skaters to medal, taking home the bronze in 1988 at the Calgary Olympics.