Shawn Blore and Michael Chee Kam Transgender post twitter Instagram

This is not a joke: Transgender activist has taken issue with NRL players's aggressive act

a transgender activist has called on the NRL and Wests Tigers to make a statement after a player was photoshopped into a Pride Week cover.

Tigers forward Michael Chee-Kam, who is 20 today, superimposed Michael Chee-face am's on an animated tiger'

The edited photo was reposted to Facebook with chee emojis, which elicited several humorous posts.

Jaycee Tanuvas last week uploaded images of the NRL and Wests Tigers posts to social media outlets.

the derogatory remarks, transphobic, and homophobic attitudes of the members of our team will not be tolerated” queer lives are not laughable!

Andrew Abdo, NRL Ceo
Andrew Abdo, NRL Ceo

This behaviour is not acceptable!" There is a lot of risk for my community members who are mostly kept in the closet.

How will you manage homophobia and transphobia in the team?” This cannot be allowed to happen!

the club or ‘Inclusion month' never responded to Tanu's query.'

In order to encourage participation in the celebration of Mardi Gras, the league wanted fans to “have fun” by using the hashtag #PrideInLeague.

This appears to be the case, but you refuse to reply to my post about the poor behavior of the Wests Tigers players,”

are we obligated to tell them about the dangers of their actions?” “We will not back down!”

She was first made aware of the images when the partner's sister forwarded them on to her.

she restated that she does not intend to harm or ruin their reputations, she only wants an apology, “a stable” NRL policy, and better training for players

The Tigers players are constantly making fun of our lives, not only are their lives worthless, but ours too, as well,” said Tanuva Tagata Pasifika told the audience.

They contribute more to violence that we continue to suffer every day, and that impact negatively on our communities.

NRL waits on the roll-out of women's competition

The NRL is not planning to put a deadline on their expansion plans for the 2021 season, and will do so next season only if they are successful in increasing the number of games from seven.

Andrew Abdo has confirmed plans to expand the competition to include more games or teams. No timetable has been set for the process of setting those plans in motion, however.

It was widely reported that the women's elite competition was to be expanded from seven games by 2020, but that plan was ultimately defeated by the COVI Disparity 19.

We've been going over all of the opportunities the possibilities with new NRL Women's Division staff.

until the start of the season to reach a decision, Abdo noted.

We are extremely dedicated to it. I informed the AAP, “We're in the process of a lot of consultation and data gathering right now, but it won't be done soon,” he said,”

Do you think that in September or October we'll be able to see what the competition will be like? There is a chicken-and-and-and-egg dilemma.” You want to create as many heroes as possible, but also you want to make sure that people know that what it takes to become one.

Only four clubs were involved in the initial season, the Roosters, Warriors, St. George Illawarra, Brisbane, and the St. George Illawarra, have changed that to the NRLW.

It is understood that the NRL teams of Cronulla, Wests Tigers, and South Sydney are all interested in having their own women's teams

The NRL is conducting research on the most effective methods for extending the NRLW competition in a couple of years'
The NRL is conducting research on the most effective methods for extending the NRLW competition in a couple of years'

"Growth appears slow at the top, but Abdo said he is committed to maintaining the middle class competition."

We want to grow at the mid- and upper-lower divisions to create as many age group opportunities as possible, and also to encourage as many girls as possible to join, to facilitate all of all women who want to participate getting to do so, and to make it as easy for everyone to get involved.

at some point during the year we will take a peek at that expansion"

It may well be more games, but it could also be fewer teams." We want to do that in a sustainable and equal manner, competitive ways.