Sexy hunter, Michaela Fialova making $4K a week on OnlyFans

On OnlyFans, a sexy hunter earns $4,500 per week. Posing in her underwear alongside her kills, she claims that hunting exotic animals is a kind of conservation.

A so-called sexy hunter who models her exotic animal kills on OnlyFans is reportedly earning approximately $4,000 per week from the website.

According to the Daily Mail, Michaela Fialova, a hunter, began uploading sexy images as an OnlyFans model this year and has been "overwhelmed" by the response.

Additionally, she defends her hunting of giraffes as conservation work.

“Overpopulation is undesirable – particularly in the wild – as it can result in a fight for water and food if there are too many of the same species, which is why I do what I do,” she explained.

Michaela Fialova, originally from the Czech Republic, has been hunting since she was 13 years old.
Michaela Fialova, originally from the Czech Republic, has been hunting since she was 13 years old.

“As my hunting photographs gained popularity over time, I used to earn money from sponsorships that I donated to the private reservation, but that has also ceased, and I was at a loss for additional revenue.”

“My friend Sandra mentioned OnlyFans to me a few months ago because I had already adopted the moniker sexy hunter due to my risqué social media posts, and I figured why not share the same images on there,” the model explained.

She said she started her account in March 2021 and now earns around £3,000 per week from the website.

This is slightly more than $4,000 in American dollars.

“I had no idea I could earn so much money from one site, which was mind-boggling to me, so I was overjoyed to be able to contribute money to my reservation, which was in desperate need of some new tactical vests for some rangers.”

Sexy hunter, Michaela Fialova
Sexy hunter, Michaela Fialova

“Now, I want to continue posting as much content as possible in order to support veterinary treatment for animals in need, as this is the reason I began my journey in the first place – to assist and protect animals.”

Fialova has previously faced backlash for her numerous hunting photographs, including in 2015 when she shared a photo of herself with a lion she killed on Facebook, The Mirror reported.

According to The Daily Star, animal rights advocates successfully petitioned to get the glamorous hunter turned OnlyFans model's Facebook page deactivated.

The sexy hunter and OnlyFans model has defended her hunting as necessary conservation work in the past and present.

Sexy hunter, Michaela Fialova
Sexy hunter, Michaela Fialova

“I understand that my photographs of trophy hunts for zebras, tigers, giraffes, and other animals might be unsettling, but I do this for practice and to repurpose these old animals as food for humans.”

“My message to anyone who dislikes my hunting or OnlyFans is that you can despise me all you want, but I'm doing whatever I can to protect our wildlife and ensure that we have a safe population of species for years to come,” she told the Daily Mail.

Fialova's backlash is close to that directed at South African trophy hunter Merelize Van Der Merwe, who was roundly criticized for posting a Facebook picture of herself with a giraffe's cut-out heart.