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Senator Linda Reynolds accused in the ACT Supreme Court of coaching lawyers

Linda Reynolds was confronted about wanting Brittany Higgins's transcripts in the Bruce Lehrmann trial.

In the ACT Supreme Court, Linda Reynolds, who used to be the minister of defense, has been accused of coaching lawyers for the accused during the trial.

In the trial of the man accused of raping Brittany Higgins, Linda Reynolds, who used to be the defense minister, was accused of "coaching" the lawyers for the accused. This happened in the ACT Supreme Court.

Bruce Lehrmann is accused of sexually assaulting the former Liberal staffer in Senator Linda Reynolds' office early on March 23, 2019.

Mr. Lehrmann has pleaded not guilty to one count of having a sexual relationship without permission.

Senator Reynolds told the ACT Supreme Court that she texted Mr. Lehrmann's defense lawyers on October 6 to ask for transcripts of Brittany Higgins' testimony.

In court, prosecutor Shane Drumgold showed Senator Reynolds the text messages she had sent to defense lawyer Steve Whybrow.

Brittany Higgins (second from the left) and Linda Reynolds (left) at a dinner event in Perth on May 15, 2019.
Brittany Higgins (second from the left) and Linda Reynolds (left) at a dinner event in Perth on May 15, 2019.

He said they were sent on Thursday, October 6, at 4:47 p.m. Mr. Drumgold also said that Senator Reynolds's partner was in court while the trial was going on.

"You knew Ms. Higgins had begun her cross-examination, right?" Mr Drumgold.

"You sent a text that said, "Hi, do you have the daily transcripts?"

Senator Reynolds told the court that this was the right answer.

"Yes, I did make the request. But I was told again that wasn't the right thing to do," she said.

Mr. Drumgold also told Senator Reynolds that she had ideas for the cross examination.

"Why did you try to guide the cross-examination?" he asked her.

Senator Reynolds said, "That's not what I meant to do."

He said that she had told him, "Also, if you have text messages between Brittany and Nicky, they might be telling." Mr. Drumgold said this was what she had told him.

Nicky Hamer used to work as a press secretary for Senator Reynolds. At the time of the alleged incident, she worked in the same office as Ms. Higgins.

"Two hours into the cross-examination, you're telling the lawyer for the defense. "You're giving yourself a shot," Mr. Drumgold told her.

"I've never been through this process before," Senator Reynolds told the court.

"It's clear that you have a political stake in how this trial turns out," Mr. Drumgold said.

Senator Linda Reynolds accused in the ACT Supreme Court of coaching lawyers
Senator Linda Reynolds has testified at the trial of the man who is accused of raping Brittany Higgins in Parliament House.

At first, he thought she might have been in Rwanda at the time.

"Rwanda is where you are.

"You don't have anything better to do in Rwanda?" he asked.

Senator Reynolds said, though, that she was in fact in Perth.

During a tense examination today, Mr. Drumgold told the ACT Supreme Court that Senator Reynolds's partner had been in the courtroom during the trial.

He then told Senator Reynolds in court that she had asked the defense team for transcripts.

"You've asked for the transcripts, right?" Mr. Drumgold asked.

“Why? You made sure that your partner was there in court."

Senator Reynolds: "I didn't get the transcripts because my lawyer said it wasn't right."

She said, "My lawyer was very clear."


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