Sen. Lindsey Graham gets booed, military service wiki wife net worth

Sen. Lindsey Graham was booed for advising South Carolinians to 'consider' vaccinations.

Sen. Lindsey Graham roused the boo-birds in South Carolina by endorsing COVID-19 immunizations in his home state. Speaking to members of the Dorchester County Republican Party, the Republican congressman casually suggested that his people "consider" getting immunized against COVID-19. More than 700,000 Americans have died as a result of the viral illness.

"If you haven't taken the vaccine, you should consider it, because if you're my age..." the conservative 66-year-old continued.

Sen. Lindsey Graham gets booed, military service wiki wife net worth
Sen. Lindsey Graham

Graham was interrupted by an enraged mob, with the yell "No!" being heard above all else. Graham immediately reversed his position in response to peer pressure, following the lead of conservatives such as former President Donald Trump and FOX News personality Sean Hannity.

"I never instructed you to obtain it," he clarified. "You should consider it."

He was once again rebuked by anti-vaxxers in the Palmetto State.

"Well, I'm relieved I obtained it," Graham stated.

The outdoor audience, seated beneath a tent, likewise interjected angrily whenever Graham attempted to convince them with numbers. Trump met a similar fate in August, when he advised fans in Alabama to get vaccinated. He, too, retreated to a degree.

"I believe completely in your liberties," the 45th President assured Dixie's rebels. "You have to do what needs to be done."

However, Trump reiterated, "I recommend – get vaccinated."

He said that he had received his and that it was "excellent."

In July, Hannity appeared to advise viewers to be vaccinated, a statement he later retracted.

"I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you take COVID seriously," the nightly anchor warned viewers. "A sufficient number of individuals have perished. We do not require any additional deaths."

"I believe in the science of vaccination," he emphasized.

A few days later, Hannity clarified that he was not personally urging anyone to be vaccinated.

"I am not advising anybody to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine since I am not a physician," he explained. "I did not say that."

Hannity blamed his words on "the mob" and "the media." He then explained to his viewers that they should visit their personal physicians and said, "If you have a phone, conduct your own research."