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Scott Morrison child bulldozed soccer, Luca Fauvette Devonport Strikers

Scott Morrison child bulldozed soccer, Luca Fauvette Devonport Strikers
The PM hit Luca Fauvette really hard.
Karl Stefanovic laughs out loud when the Prime Minister asks a child a question during an interview.

This morning, Karl Stefanovic couldn't stop laughing because of what happened during an interview with the child Scott Morrison tackled yesterday.

This morning, Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon were speechless after an interview with the child Scott Morrison bulldozed yesterday took a surprising turn.

When he took a child out of a soccer game in Tasmania on Wednesday, the Prime Minister created the craziest moment of the election campaign so far.

Mr. Morrison was playing a training game with kids at the home of the Devonport Strikers when he made a terrible mistake by running towards the goal. He ran into Luca Fauvette and knocked him down.

The event was talked about all over the country and the world after it went viral on social media.

On Thursday morning, Luca and his grandmother Joy Roffe went on Today to talk about the tackle. The boy told the co-hosts that he was "good" even though he had been tackled by the PM, who Langdon said was "not a small man."

The video went viral right away.
The video went viral right away.

"So we were playing soccer, and I think someone tried to pass the ball to me or Mr. Morrison, but he tripped and was trying not to fall on top of me," Luca said on air.

"So he tried to hit me from behind."

When asked what Mr. Morrison said to him afterward, Luca said that Mr. Morrison told him he was a "good sport."

His grandmother said that seeing her grandson get hit on the field was "a little bit of a shock."

Ms. Roffe said, "I could see how (Morrison) was trying to protect him and keep him from hurting himself."

"Luca got up pretty quickly after that, and I could tell he was fine."

Luca then told Mr. Morrison that Mr. Morrison had called him later that day to make sure he was "OK" and that Mr. Morrison "must be a big football fan."

Luca showed a red card and then said, "It should have been a penalty." This made the hosts of Today laugh so hard that they called Luca a "legend."

"What a character," Stefanovic said with a laugh.

The cute interview took a strange turn when Stefanovic said he had heard that Luca was "a little bit of a rapper" and asked him to "bust a rhyme."

"I was at the bar with my group of drinkers... And it was me drinking Jack Daniels and Jim Beam," Luca said.

Luca was on the show Today with his grandmother Joy.
Luca was on the show Today with his grandmother Joy.

"Who's there? I don't care I was just afraid over there. How come you're looking at me? You don't have no eyes. You can see why you're trying to catch up to me. I'm only in the first grade, but I have a degree in rap." Put your feet up, boys... This morning, we have everything. We know who we are, and you can collect the rent by handball because you know who you are.

"I started rapping when I was two... With only one shoe..." he went on, but then the show went to a commercial break.

Soon after the accident, both Scott Morrison and the soccer club wrote about it on Facebook.

The PM wrote, "A shout out to young Luca for being such a good sport."

"You may have seen that tonight at club practice at the Devonport Strikers Football Club in Tasmania, there was a bit of a scuffle. I called Luca and his mom, Ali, to see how he was doing tonight, and he was doing fine.

"It was great to talk to him about how much he loves football and hear that he's already scored three hat-tricks in his young career."


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