Samantha Palmer bellevue hill stabbing son Hugo Ball with a butcher’s knife

Hugo Ball was stabbed by Samantha Palmer in the Bellevue Hill house.

It was revealed in court why the mother repeatedly stabbed her son with a butcher's knife at their mansion in Sydney's east suburbs.

A court heard that a Sydney mother was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of her disturbed son's threats, intimidation, and assaults when she repeatedly stabbed him in their eastern suburbs mansion.

It was last November that Samantha Palmer almost killed her drug-addicted son Hugo Ball by stabbing him from behind with a butcher's knife in their multimillion-dollar Bellevue Hill house.

Samantha Palmer bellevue hill stabbing son Hugo Ball with a butcher’s knife
A reckless wounding charge was dropped against Samantha Palmer after she pled guilty.

In court, Palmer, 56, will be sentenced for reckless wounding.

The exact cause of the incident is still unknown, but Palmer's lawyer Grant Brady SC told Downing Centre Local Court on Thursday that it was the result of years of stress inflicted on her by Scots College old boy Mr Ball, according to the report.

While Palmer "cherished" her son, Mr Brady said she had undergone the continuous trauma of dealing with a drug-addicted youngster, on top of his physical and verbal threats.

In addition to threats, intimidation, and psychotic episodes, he indicated that assaults were also a part of the story.

Mr Brady claimed Palmer was hyper-vigilant and "walking on eggshells" around her son, who had just recently moved back into the home, in the days before the stabbing.

His mother stabbed Hugo Ball.
His mother stabbed Hugo Ball.

"Common sense" dictated that Palmer's mental state hampered her ability to respond to Mr Ball's drunken arrival that night, Mr Brady said.

A "dissociated state" was evident at the time she stabbed her son, according to him.

When it came to her mental health on this particular night, "the evidence is overwhelming," he said.

However, according to police prosecutor James Meegan, Palmer had offered psychologists different versions of what happened that night.

Ms. Meegan claimed that in one account, Mr. Ball grabbed at his mother and told her that she had been "engaged in a murder".

Palmer then claimed in a second court report that she had no recollection of the incident.

In his opinion, the number and severity of the wounds Mr. Ball received were "more similar to fury than an honest belief that it was essential for her to defend herself." Mr.

Earlier this year, police escorted Samantha Palmer out of her house.
Earlier this year, police escorted Samantha Palmer out of her house.

Her response, according to the judge, is "grossly disproportionate" - even if Palmer did fear her son was really threatening her life.

At the time, Palmer was said to be highly intoxicated and had taken a valium the day before, according to the court.

His client had already been severely punished for her acts, according to Mr Brady, by spending a month in jail on remand after her arrest.

Palmer will be sentenced by Magistrate Erin Kennedy in the afternoon on Thursday.