Samantha Bridge son, Abel trapped in storeroom Dinky Di Childcare lake haven

Two-year-old boy caught in the NSW childcare centre storeroom

After her two-year-old son was found locked in a child care storeroom, a Central Coast mother was left devastated and angry.

On Friday, when workers at the center were unable to locate the toddler, Samantha Bridge picked up her son Abel from the Dinky Di Childcare Centre at Lake Haven.

"(We searched) the bathrooms, the offices, the baby room, mom went to the dressing room, the laundry room, and she could hear Abel screaming, "Aid nanny help," Ms. Bridge told 9News.

The toddler was discovered stuck in the back room behind a shelving unit, distraught and with a soiled nappy.

The nappy rash leaving him in a soiled nappy from them has blistered. He's now on the GP's antibiotics and steroids,"The nappy rash from them leaving him in a soiled nappy has blistered. He's now on antibiotics and steroids from the GP,"

In a statement, the childcare centre has responded to the claims.

Samantha said that now Abel is afraid of the doors closing

The statement read, "Dinky Di Children's Learning Centres takes the safety, security and wellbeing of the children trusted to our care seriously and are proud of our record in doing so,"

"We are currently conducting an investigation into a child who entered a storeroom that is usually locked and next to the changing area of the nappy.

"The child was located, unharmed, less than a few minutes after he had left the educator."

Ms Bridge said that when she is home, Abel is now terrified and becomes frightened when the doors are locked.

"He's such a mess. He's not going to let me shut the door,' she said.

"If he hears the door latch he screams and shakes, (he says) 'don't lock me in.'"

Dinky Di Children's Learning Centers said the incident is being looked into.

After being "notified of a serious incident at an early childhood education and care service on the NSW Central Coast" the Department of Education has reported that 9News inquiries are continuing.

It comes after a TikTok video showing a Dinky Di employee inside the crib of a child appeared.

An investigation has been launched into a childcare centre in Lake Haven on the NSW Central Coast, which is accused of leaving a toddler trapped in a storage room. His furious mother has told 7NEWS she went to collect her son but when she arrived, staff had no idea where he was.