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Robert Scott Palmer clearwater largo florida, january 6 capitol riot 6th

Robert Scott Palmer clearwater largo florida, january 6 capitol riot 6th
There was a group of people outside the Capitol on Jan. 6.
A man was sentenced to five years in prison for rioting at the Capitol. This is the longest sentence he has ever been given.

Some of the most intense fighting took place on January 6. Robert Palmer threw a fire extinguisher at police officers at that time.

One of the more than 700 people charged in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was sentenced on Friday to more than five years in prison for hurling a fire extinguisher at police.

The defendant, Robert Palmer, wore a red, white, and blue jacket when he went to the Capitol that day. He had been at the Ellipse, a park near the White House, when President Trump spoke to a large crowd. They say he looked around in the crowd outside as violence between rioters and police grew worse, so they say he didn't do very much.

By around 5pm, Mr. Palmer was in the middle of the most intense fighting on the lower west terrace, where a kind of hand-to-hand fight resembling something from the Middle Ages had broken out there. A prosecutor says that in this case, the man tried to throw a wooden plank-like spear at the police. He also sprayed a fire extinguisher at the officers, and then threw the empty canister at them.

Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, who is in charge of sentencing Palmer, read a letter from the 54-year-old before his sentencing hearing in Federal District Court in Washington. In the letter, he said that he had come to realize that Trump and his allies had lied to their supporters by "spitting out the false narrative about how the election was stolen and how it was our duty to stand up to tyranny."

He is called Robert Palmer.
He is called Robert Palmer.

Few people knew that the tyrants were the ones who were desperate to keep power at any cost, even if that meant making the chaos they knew would happen with such rhetoric.

At the hearing, Mr. Palmer broke down when he talked about how he watched a TV news report about himself while in jail and was "absolutely devastated" to see how he had attacked the police with "coldness and calculation." Because of his actions on the day of the rally, the judge told him that he was "really, really ashamed." He also said that he would never go to another political rally again.

She told Mr. Palmer that if people tried to "violently overthrow the government" and "stop the peaceful transition of power," they would get "absolutely certain punishment." Judge Chutkan has taken a hard line on Jan. 6 defendants before.

Afterward, she said that the 63-month prison sentence was "the price" she had to pay for her actions.

There have been two people who have admitted to assaulting the police and are now facing punishment. Mr. Palmer is the second person who has admitted to this. Before he went to prison last month, Scott Fairlamb ran a gym in New Jersey. He was sentenced to 41 months in prison, but he has since decided to appeal the sentence.

Also, Jacob Chansley, who is known as the QAnon Shaman, was sent to prison for 41 months last month. One felony charge of interfering with an official proceeding before Congress is what Mr. Chansley, who is also appealing his sentence, has agreed to do.


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