Riley June Williams trying to sell Pelosi laptop to SVR RF Russian intelligence

FBI investigates whether a woman stole a laptop from Pelosi to sell to SVR RF Russian intelligence

During the US Capitol riot, Riley June Williams was charged with entering a limited building and disorderly conduct.

The FBI is investigating whether, according to court records, a pro-Trump rioter stole the laptop of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her office and tried to sell it to a Russian intelligence service.

According to an affidavit from FBI Agent Jonathan Lund, on January 6, Pennsylvania's Riley June Williams violated the Capitol with other far-right rioters and was seen in open access videos and news stories in the US seat of government.

In the days following the Capitol takeover, Lund said that an unidentified witness claiming to be Williams' "former romantic partner" made "several" phone calls to the FBI's tip line.

The witness reported that Williams was inside the office of Pelosi and took either a laptop or a hard drive and "destined to send the computer device to a friend in Russia who was then planning to sell the device to SVR, the foreign intelligence service of Russia."

In the complaint, Lund says that Williams can be seen going up the stairs leading to Pelosi's office. "For unknown reasons, however, "the move of the computer device to Russia fell through" and Williams "either has the computer device or has it destroyed.

The matter remains under investigation and Williams, who has allegedly escaped, is facing separate charges of breaching a limited building and disorderly activity.

The lawsuit charges that Williams was described by her mother in an ITV news article as having recently become involved in the politics of President Donald Trump and far-right message boards. In his presidency, Trump was impeached for a second time for "inciting" a riot.

In addition, Pelosi help Drew Hammill said the stolen laptop was from the conference room on Twitter and used only for presentations, raising questions as to how attractive its contents would be.

A note left in Nancy Pelosi’s office during the Capitol riot on 6 January


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