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RHOBH star Erika jayne and tom girardi divorce, tired after 21 years

'Beverly Hills' actresses Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi break up after 21 years

"Beverly Hills Real Housewives" actress Erika Jayne agreed to end her marriage to Tom Girardi.


"After much thought, I agreed to end my marriage to Tom Girardi. This is not a slight or simple move." Jayne told  in a statement made by her representative Jack Ketsoyan. "I have much love and admiration for Tom and the lives we created together."

Jayne, 49, who spent 21 years married to Girardi, 81, called for privacy after their split.

"It is my utmost intention to continue with dignity and privacy through this process," she said. "I suggest that others also grant us privacy."

Jayne and Girardi met in Los Angeles while waiting at Chasen's, and after a year-long relationship, Girardi approached her for an interview with People in 2018.

"What truly mattered to me was my friendship. Tom wouldn't change. He was a grown man. It was really two friends getting together who really loved each other's business," she told People. "Everybody thought I married him to have a baby and lock the money as disgusting as it is."

She proceeded to protect her marriage in a "Beverly Hills Real Housewives" April 2020 episode.

"I've lived with this forever: the younger woman who married the richer, older man," Bravo said. "I mean, I 'm tired of trying to defend my 20-year marriage. Go have a 20-year marriage, then come and talk to me."

She admitted their age gap and he's rich, sure, but he's still a decent guy. During the show, she said one of Girardi's favorite things was that she welcomed her son, Thomas, from her previous marriage.


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