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In film The Rental, Alison Brie reveals that she did cocaine with Dave Franco.

In her latest horror film out this week, Alison Brie has a gnarly drug scene. Here, she reveals how she and her husband, Dave Franco, planned for it in the hotel room.

Few Hollywood stars are as blunt and straightforward as Alison Brie, who recently announced that she met her husband Dave Franco nine years ago during a drug-fuelled Mardi Gras weekend with nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders.

But although the rowdy weekend was almost a decade ago, the pair were able to recreate it somewhat in preparation for the horror movie The Rental, which tracks two couples to frightening effect as their beachside getaway in an idyllic holiday home derails.

In his directorial debut, the Community actress, 37, directed by her husband, 35-year-old Neighbours actor Dave Franco, told that it was "true bliss" to work together on set, not least because it gave them the opportunity to focus on their origins.

The film, which drops on Friday in Australia on Amazon Prime Video, features a crucial scene in which Michelle, the character of Brie, takes MDMA as a party drug. "Molly" in the US, as they call it.

On the weekend we met at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Dave and I had some kind of infamously done Molly, but that was almost nine years ago now," Brie explained of her "sex and drug"-filled courtship, adding that the Rental's story of how her character met her on-screen husband was borrowed from real life."

During Mardi Gras 9 years ago, Alison Brie and Dave Franco were set up by a mutual friend.

There's a scene where we're having dinner, and Dan Stevens (Charlie) and I'm talking about how we've met, and how we've been on Molly since we've met, and that's just taken straight out of our lives," she said, continuing to reveal how she's preparing for a later scene where her character is taking the drug on her own."

"In the nerdiest of ways, we went about it. We booked a hotel in Ojai (California) and cleared our timetables, and we went there with this in mind (that) we were going to film ourselves," she explained, revealing that not everything went to plan" (though not quite in the same vein of the film itself, thankfully).

Before they began filming The Rental, Alison Brie and Dave Franco did a 'Molly test'.

"(Franco) had come up with this job emergency... He may have done the slightest bit, but for the most part it was me dancing in the hotel room for hours on Molly, taking work calls in the courtyard and filming me... It was almost just me dancing to Hall & Oates, she added, laughing.

For her character analysis, Brie said the 'Molly test' ended up being fine.

"I really believe it did (help)," she said, explaining: "I was nervous about it being underplayed."

Of working with Franco, with whom she secretly tied the knot in 2017, she said, "I loved it so much, I think it was true bliss for both of us."

According to the actor, when it came to behaving as though they were on the drug, the remaining cast did not need any pointers.

"I feel like it actually brought the best work out of me because the guy who knows me better than anyone can't bullsh*t... Dave got a really honest performance out of me."

Elsewhere, Brie, known for her roles in the popular comedy series Group and Netflix series GLOW, said she considers 'a nice place to be in and then quit' in the horror genre.

"She explained of her recent pivot, having also written and starred in the Netflix thriller Horse Girl last year, "The stakes are very high and you get to play with some new things.

Brie as Ruth Wilder's Wrestler in GLOW

While The Rental wasn't the first time that Franco and Brie worked together on set, they enjoyed the experience of working together in a different capacity, having both starred in The Disaster Artist in 2017.

They also joined forces during the lockdown to compose their own film.

"We've written a rom-com," announced Brie.

"It was so enjoyable to see what Dave did with the horror genre, I felt that his approach to horror was so specific to his taste, and very convincing to me, and I just thought how enjoyable it was to combine Dave's style with my favorite movie."

She added that their training for the film was a bit different from the 'Molly test' this time around.

Dave Franco and Alison Brie plan to release the rom-com they wrote during the pandemic together.

She said, "I made him watch every rom-com on the face of the earth."

Although Brie herself has experience directing episodes of the recently-canned series GLOW, she said that when it comes to filming their rom-com, Franco would likely take on the role.

The dynamic worked so well with him directing me on The Rental, (so) that will also be our strategy on the rom-com, for him to direct and to act on it for me.

"It was just so seamless, it probably speaks to some aspect of the dynamic of our relationship with which I am comfortable," she added with a laugh.

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