Reddit employee fired, Aimee Knight aka challenor twitter husband

The site's notorious admin has been fired, according to Reddit.

On the internet forum Reddit, an administrator who became the subject of protests has left the organization. Many users chastised Reddit for keeping Aimee Knight, better known by her maiden name Challenor, on staff.

On Wednesday evening, CEO Steve Huffman wrote on Twitter under the handle spez: 'We did not properly vet her history before formally recruiting her, and we did not operate to our own expectations here.' We'll do everything we can to make it easier for you.'

Ms. Challenor was a member of the Green Party in the past. After naming her father as her campaign manager in her bid to become deputy leader of the party, she was suspended by the party after he was charged with raping a 10-year-old child. Later, he was found guilty and sentenced to 22 years in jail.

She was also suspended by the Liberal Democrats in 2019 in connection with her fiance's alleged Twitter posts revealing fantasies of child violence. At the time, Ms Challenor believed that his account had been compromised, and she denounced the messages.

Mr Huffman mentioned in the lengthy announcement that she had worked for the platform first as a moderator, and then as a contractor on RPAN [the streaming service Reddit Public Access Network] before being officially hired as an employee.

The uproar erupted after a moderator on the r/ukpolitics subreddit was suspended for posting a Spectator post that mentioned her in passing.

They were reinstated yesterday, but the hiring ignited outrage, with hundreds of prominent subreddits, including r/amitheasshole and r/music, going private as a result.

‘We care deeply for Reddit, and we appreciate that you do as well,' Mr Huffman said. We appreciate your frustration and bewilderment about these problems and their ramifications.' The employee has left Reddit, and we'll be revising a range of internal policies as a result.'

‘We've put considerable effort into enhancing how we treat doxxing and abuse, and this employee was the victim of both,' he said, giving a timeline of the incident. We over-indexed on security in this situation, which resulted in significant implications in terms of compliance actions.'

Reddit is in turmoil over accusations of ‘censorship’ regarding admin Aimee Challenor
Reddit is in turmoil over accusations of ‘censorship’ regarding admin Aimee Challenor

He said, "

  • We introduced additional protections for this employee on March 9th, including taking action against material that mentioned the employee's name or posted personal details on third-party pages, which we save for extreme cases of abuse and doxxing.
  • A mod of r/ukpolitics posted a news article about this employee on March 22. As a result of the above laws, the article was deleted and the submitter was banned. We reviewed the actions after being contacted by the r/ukpolitics moderators, reversed the moderator's ban, and told the r/ukpolitics moderation team that the mod had been restored.
  • We revised our rules to include a flag for alleged abuse that will be reviewed by a person. Thousands of people responded to the announcement.

‘Since your screening process is obviously faulty, will you go back and re-vet all Reddit admins and mods who are already onboard, as well as those who will be onboard in the future?' one user asked.

‘So you knew about this for WEEKS and wanted to keep them until it got big enough?' another person asked, referring to the timeline given. ‘It's insane.'

‘Wait, so you heard about all this s**t on the 9th and did nothing?' echoed another.

‘We welcome Reddit's statement where they admit that the suspension of our subreddit moderator was not done correctly,' said r/ukpolitics moderators in response to the decision. We also accept that they acknowledged their mistake and reversed the suspension after learning the truth about the case.

We're interested to learn what new checks, balances, and safeguards will be implemented in the future to ensure that this scenario does not repeat itself. Harassment should be protected equally for redditors, moderators, forums, and administrators.

We're still worried that some of these problems haven't been resolved fully.

We understand that new policies cannot be implemented immediately, but these policies should have been implemented years ago.

Over the next 24 hours, normal service will be restored on r/ukpolitics.' ‘This evening Reddit released a statement and clarification on the situation,' wrote moderators of the r/PokemonGo subforum, one of those that had been made private.

The moderators on this subreddit believe that this is sufficient reason to reopen the subreddit to all members. We apologize once more for the outage, but we appreciate your patience and messages of encouragement that we got during the outage.' ‘We want to thank everyone for their understanding and help over the past day,' said r/Apple moderators, who added: ‘We want to thank everyone for their understanding and support over the past day.'

This evening, famous forums like r/music and r/fitness reopened to the public.

Aimee Knight Reddit - Reddit says it’s cut ties with an employee widely identified as former UK politician Aimee Knight, following a shutdown of hundreds of communities.