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Rayan Sanoubar, COVID-19 at skating rink Southwood Calgary

Calgary arrest footage ends in allegations of 'going overboard' Police

A Calgary family asked whether police went too far in an arrest captured by the camera. Rayan Sanoubar, a handful, was skating at a community rink in Southwood and caught parts of the video game.

It began on Thursday afternoon with the Southwood rink and skate park confirmed by state officials on over 40 people.

Rayan Sanoubar and his mother Roula Aboukhodoud

Sanubar said There was a peace officer in that truck and he went out and told the skateboarders that we had to leave and [we] could't be there. We declined to do that all.

The video shows an individual on the ground and a few policemen. The guard is heard crying out profanities, asking, "Where is our freedom? Where is our freedom? We're outside this police's handcuffing me."

"For six minutes they had him on the ice, all frozen, and with a knife cut off his skates. They arrested him and threatened to say: 'If you don't walk away, we are going to give you bills.'

Corwin Odland, with CPS public relations, said that after being told that they violated public health orders, people declined to diverge from an outdoor skating field.

Hundreds came out during the anti-mask Walk for Freedom as police kept an eye on them at City Hall in Calgary on Saturday, December 5, 2020.

"When our officers came in, they talked about health orders to the same people and left several of them without an incident," said Odland.

"He declined to identify himself because he was skating away from the officers when he told him he hadn't left.

Police said that when the officer asked them to do so, they declined to identify themselves. He was accused of a judicial obstruction.

The officers explained to the man this legal obligation and attempted repeatedly to get him off the ice and to follow their orders willingly before going in and taking him physically into custody. There was a fight, a knock to the ground and an officer," said Odland.

Supt. Ryan Ayliffe said that in such cases the police would rely on compassion but not accept those who do not want to comply.

"We see the officers put in this unsustainable position continuously where they must diffuse and support legislation," said Ayliffe. "We are good people in a world that is changeable and stresses people to the full," he says. "What happens in our lens.

A 21-year-old man had an officer obstructed, resisted arrest and violated public health.

Roula Aboukodyoud, Sanoubar's mother said that she did not forgive disrespect, yet did not support police methods.

Rayan Sanoubar arrest
Rayan Sanoubar arrest

"They should have discussed with the children why the regulations are in place and how social distance really should be required."

"They shouldn't do something and leave it alone because they're out and have fun. We are just going to skate and distance ourselves socially," said Sanoubar.

"Big time, this is annoyance. They felt like doing nothing wrong and having fun and everyone's upset with COVID," said Aboukhodoud. They felt like they did nothing wrong.

"You don't have to go home if there are others in the rink," said Nenshi. "But not many massive pick-up hockey games should really be started with people around you. Body contact happens and that's not what you want to do."

Calgary's Sue Henry Chief Emergency Response Service said that it is capable of holding the household two metres.

"You're going to see most of the rink operators have put a sign of capacity near the ice," said Henry.

"The signs of capacity are based on what they consider to be the safest approach to a number of people on the ice."

A Calgary man has been arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest after alleged non-compliance with public safety protocols. As Taylor Braat reports, it displays the difficulty of enforcement for officers.

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