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R-55A Erik Mortenson draft language to Governor walz impeachment

Mortensen, the elected official, tries to launch impeachment proceedings against Governor Walz

New state representative Erik Mortenson (R-55A) and the North Star Liberty Alliance are seeking to draft language to impeach Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, according to an email obtained by News Talk 830 WCCO political analyst Blois Olson.

The email notes that the NSLA works closely with the most extreme representatives and senators to impeach the Governor, labeling him a "tyrant." According to the email, Representative-elect Mortensen is "all-in" on getting the impeachment articles to the floor.

Governor walz impeachment

By signing a petition and sharing it with everyone they meet, the email facilitates action.

Just eight governors have been driven out of office by impeachment in the history of the United States. The most recent was Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois. There was never an impeached Minnesota Governor there.


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