Qanon shaman diet, jake angeli hunger strike wont eat, organic food in jail

After US Capitol arrest, QAnon Shaman demanding organic food in jail

Reportedly, the QAnon shaman arrested after taking part in last week's storming of the US Capitol building is demanding organic food in jail.

After being photographed wearing a buffalo headdress and tricolor facepaint amid the mob of Donald Trump zealots who attacked the government building, Arizona man Jake Angeli, 33, faces federal misdemeanour charges.

He is accused of knowingly entering or remaining without lawful authority and violent entry and disorderly behavior on Capitol grounds in any restricted building or grounds.

Within the US Capitol complex, Trump supporter Jake Angeli (centre) approaches a police officer.

US outlet ABC15 claimed that since Friday, Mr Angeli had not eaten because the guards would not serve him organic food.

Mr Angeli had previously claimed that he had not broken any laws, saying that he had only walked through doors which were already open.

Today, he had his first court appearance by telephone, where the judge ordered the public defender representing him to focus on Mr Angeli's nutritional problems with the prison guards.

Mr Angeli has been widely reported as a conspiracy theorist for QAnon, who had previously attended the rallies of Mr Trump.

In the riots that saw representatives of the US government evacuated and taken into hiding by security forces, five people died.

The mob attack followed Mr. Trump's speech, repeating his false claims that the election last November was "stolen" after he lost to Democratic rival Joe Biden.

For the second time in his administration, the US Democrats have now resolved to impeach Mr. Trump, alleging that he was trying to incite an insurrection.

Jacob Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, facing misdemeanor charges for being inside Capitol Hill.