Pregnant woman killed at baby shower, Shanice Young slain ny daily news

A pregnant mother was fatally shot in New York while attempting to break up a quarrel at her baby shower.

One of the males involved in the brawl is apparently the woman's ex-boyfriend.

In Harlem, New York, a pregnant woman was shot and died while attempting to break up a quarrel during her baby shower.

The woman, a mother of four and expecting a fifth child, was shot in the head on Sunday morning.

Shanice Young, 31, was identified as the victim by police. Ms Young was discovered unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head when cops arrived on the scene.

Victim Shanice Young, 31.
Victim Shanice Young, 31.

According to police, one of the males in the altercation was the woman's ex-boyfriend, who was not invited to the party.

According to witnesses, Ms Young attempted to mediate the conflict between her boyfriend and ex.

“[The gunman] entered the building in pursuit of his boyfriend,” building superintendent Jose Morales told the Daily News. “They dashed through here, out the other side, and down the steps.”

The chase eventually brought them back to the street, where Ms Young sought to intercede. During the fight, she received a gunshot wound.

According to witnesses, the shooter fled the scene following Ms Young's death. She was sent to a nearby hospital but was confirmed dead upon arrival. The assailant is still on the loose.

Ms Young is described as a generous woman by a friend who spoke anonymously out of fear that the gunman would retaliate.

A memorial for Shanice Young on W. 128th St. in Harlem.
A memorial for Shanice Young on W. 128th St. in Harlem.

“She was available at all hours of the day and night,” the pal explained to The Daily News. “If you required a dish of food or a glass of water, she was there to provide it. She was always there to lend you a coat or a sweater.”

According to Ms Young's friends, she moved into the building a year ago to care for her sibling and mother, who was afflicted with cancer. She remained after her mother's death to raise her younger sibling and her children.

“This is another senseless act in the city,” New York Police Department Chaplain Robert Rice said.