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Police arrested terrorist in Caringbah Sydney, bombings and beheadings

A man from Sutherland was arrested by the Joint Counter Terrorism Team of the New South Wales Joint Counter Terrorism Team over alleged Islamic State material, police say.

On Christmas Day, a Sydney man who police say was planning to do something bad will go to court.

Police arrested a 34-year-old man on Friday morning in Caringbah, New South Wales.

Sheehy said he will be charged with crimes related to alleged terrorist group membership and collecting and making documents that could help with a terrorist attack, which are crimes in New South Wales.

"He is posting a lot of material about bombings, beheadings, making explosives, and other things," a police officer told reporters on Friday.

"It is very likely that he was, and we'll say that he was, planning to do something bad. That would have been an act of violence against law enforcement."

Police arrested terrorist in Caringbah Sydney, bombings and beheadings
Detective Superintendent Michael Sheehy is with the NSW Police.

The man was charged with using a social media platform to spread material that could be offensive, harassing, or dangerous in December 2020.

A judge put him in prison for six months before letting him go back home in July of this year.

People from the police and government tried to "de-radicalize" the man, but he didn't want to join a program and kept posting Islamic State material online, Superintendent Sheehy said.

To stop him, "we had to act today and arrest him for those crimes," he said.

The man's home has been searched by police.

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