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Pierre Poilievre freedom convoy 2.0 ottawa website, anti-government protest

Today is the first day that people can join the Freedom Convoy.

Organizers say that other investigations don't look at how it affects local people.

On Monday, the Ottawa People's Commission starts its work to learn more about how the Freedom Convoy affected people during the weeks it occupied downtown streets.

Organizers say it is a grassroots effort to respond to the "deeply disturbing and harmful occupation" that the nation's capital went through.

Ken Rubin is one of the people who helped form the group, which will have commissioners write a report before the one-year anniversary of the anti-COVID rule and the anti-government protesters coming to Ottawa at the end of January and staying for about three weeks.

Pierre Poilievre freedom convoy 2.0 ottawa website, anti-government protest
On Feb. 12, 2022, in response to the Freedom Convoy's anti-government protest in Ottawa, there is a gathering of people who also want to protest.

He said that people can talk to the commission if they want to.

"People can tell their stories, and the respected commissioners will listen," he said.

At different levels of government, there are a number of investigations and inquiries into the Freedom Convoy. For example, a federal committee is looking into the use of the Emergency Act. However, the organizers of the people's commission say that these do not focus on the effects on the residents.

Rubin said, "These questions don't get at all what they went through or what they'd like to see happen because of that job."

He said that the citizen's group would also look to the future and not be interested in pointing fingers, which is what would happen with the other groups.

"The community needs to be better prepared, not just in terms of police security but also in terms of how they will deal with it and how groups can, to some extent, take care of their own public safety and not live in fear," he said.

The meeting is at the downtown branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Volunteers and donations are needed, say the organizers.

On Monday, a website went live with more information about the commissioners and how the group is set up.


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