Philadelphia thomas jefferson university hospital 9th floor shooting, active shooter

Man accused of murdering a coworker in a hospital shooting in Philadelphia.

According to police, an employee at a Philadelphia hospital fatally shot a coworker, fled in a U-Haul truck, and was shot in a shooting exchange that injured two officers.

Police said they responded just after midnight to a report of a gunman on the ninth floor of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. A 43-year-old certified nursing assistant was recognized as the victim.

"We believe the other employee was specifically targeted. The reasons for this are still unknown "Commissioner Danielle Outlaw of the Philadelphia Police Department stated Monday during a news conference. "We have no idea if the suspect worked tonight."

Philadelphia thomas jefferson university hospital 9th floor shooting, active shooter
The suspect and victim were both employees at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, police said.

The suspected gunman, 55, was dressed in hospital scrubs throughout the shooting and then fled the area in a U-Haul. Authorities were finally apprehended by a passerby in Parkside, a neighborhood in West Philadelphia, following an hour-long manhunt. According to authorities, the witness stated that a man dressed in scrubs was firing shots into the air.

When officers arrived on the scene, the man allegedly began shooting at them. Four responding cops fired fire on the individual, injuring him in the upper body and neck. During the exchange of gunfire, two officers were hurt.

According to authorities, the first cop, 30, was shot in the right elbow, while the second officer, 32, was struck in the nose. Both policemen, who have served on the force for six years, are expected to recover.

The suspected gunman was in serious but likely to survive condition. Authorities discovered he was "clad in body armor and armed with a variety of firearms," Outlaw added. "In addition to the long rifle, which was believed to be an AR-15, he was armed with a semiautomatic handgun of some description."

Authorities have not released the victim's or suspect's names.

Jefferson Health described the situation as "tragic" in a statement to NBC News Monday, adding that the hospital system was offering counseling to personnel and patients.

"As is the case with all Jefferson sites, we have robust, consistent security systems and processes in place to safeguard the safety of our patients, students, staff, and visitors," the health system said in a statement. "To address safety concerns, each Jefferson location has policies, procedures, continuing training, and drills. Jefferson prohibits firearms on all of its campuses."

Jefferson Health added the following: "Jefferson places a premium on safety and security. A full examination will be conducted to ensure that our safety measures are up to date for all Jefferson facilities."

The hospital shooting marked the city's second fatal workplace shooting since Friday, when a security guard was shot and killed inside an office building, according to NBC Philadelphia.

"What am I to say about this occurring within such a short period of time?" As Outlaw stated. "Active shooter events are normally isolated and infrequent occurrences... they are not meant to occur in such close proximity, but we are all prepared to respond quickly and effectively, and that is what we will continue to do."