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Philadelphia 76ers james harden gunna arrested, ysl 4pf detained

Philadelphia 76ers james harden gunna arrested, ysl 4pf detained
James Harden talks about why he wasn't very aggressive in Game 6, which the Heat won.

In February, the Philadelphia 76ers made a big trade with the Brooklyn Nets. In exchange for Ben Simmons, they got James Harden. Harden was supposed to come in and help Joel Embiid compete for a championship and help the Sixers go far in the playoffs.

In Game 6 against the Miami Heat on Thursday, when his team needed him the most, he was nowhere to be found.

Harden scored 11 points in the first half on Thursday and seemed to be in a good rhythm. But in the second half, his aggressiveness went away, and he only took two shots in a 99-90 loss that ended their season. The whole game, he only took nine shots.

Philadelphia 76ers james harden
Philadelphia 76ers james harden

After everything was over, Harden was asked what the Heat did to stop him and make him feel bad.

He said, "Nothing." “Nothing.”

If it was "nothing," why did he only shoot twice in the second half of the most important game of the year?

"We ran our offense," Harden added. "I thought the ball moved, but it never came back to me."

How doesn't the ball reach him? He is in charge of the ball. He has also been a great scorer throughout his whole career. What causes that?

Embiid said, "I don't know." "That's what he said. You should just believe what he said. I believe him. I'm not sure."

So, coach Doc Rivers isn't going to blame Harden if they lose this series to the Heat.

"I'm not going to make this about James, all right?" Rivers went in. "We could have played better, that's all. It could have moved faster. Were we able to get our things in on time? I really thought we did. I really thought we did, but it's clear that we didn't."


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