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PetSmart manager stands up to Kari Lake supporter Ethan Schmidt Crockett target

When a controversial vlogger said that the store's pride flags made him feel bad, employees told him to leave.
When a controversial vlogger said that the store's pride flags made him feel bad, employees told him to leave.

Staff at PetSmart won't take down the pride flag, even though a Kari Lake supporter who doesn't like gay people asked them to.

  • Even though a vlogger asked PetSmart employees to take down a pride flag, they didn't.
  • Ethan Schmidt-Crockett said that the flag was "Satan's rainbow," but he was asked to leave the store.
  • He has made a video in which he says he will "hunt LGBTQ supporters."

In a video shot by Ethan Schmidt-Crockett, who had said before that he would "hunt LGBT supporters," the provocateur asks an employee about the pride flag hanging above the checkout counter.

—PatriotTakes 🇺🇸 (@patriottakes) July 22, 2022

Schmidt-Crockett told staff that by putting up the flag, they were supporting "paedophilia and child sexualization." He said he was "very offended" and wanted the flag taken down. He also said that it was "Satan's rainbow."

During the two-minute video, which has been watched more than 2 million times, he was asked to leave by a manager who said, "We support LGBTQ+ people here."

After being asked to leave several times and calling the store Petco when it was actually PetSmart, another employee at PetSmart told Schmidt he would call the police and asked him to stop filming.

"We'll have the pride flag flying. We have it everywhere in the shop, "The worker told Schmidt-Crockett that he was in PetSmart, not Petco, before telling him that he was in the wrong place.

Schmidt-Crockett is known for being a right-wing provocateur, which has made him famous. During pride month in June, he said he was going to "hunt LGBTQIA+ supporters" all over Phoenix, Arizona, and especially at Target stores, which support LGBTQIA+ rights.

He had already made a video in which he said he likes "harassing cancer patients because they are weak and vulnerable" and people who wear masks.

Schmidt-Crockett also made a video of himself with Kari Lake, a Trump-backed candidate for governor of Arizona, asking her if she was a member of the "anti-maskers club." This was a campaign Schmidt-Crockett started that raised $930 out of a $10,000 goal.

A PetSmart spokesperson told Insider: "At PetSmart, we try to make sure that everyone who works there feels like they belong. We are proud of our employees for calming down this situation and reaffirming our commitment to being a part of something bigger."


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