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PC Wayne Couzens the rapist family live age married, how did get caught motivation

Wayne Couzens brought his family on a 'day out' to the woods following the cremation of Sarah Everard's body and let the children to play around her bones.

EVIL Wayne Couzens took his family on a day trip to the woods, where he had recently burned Sarah Everard's remains.

Even worse, the monster cop allowed his two children to play in "very close proximity" to the location of the 33-year-burnt old's remains.

Couzens, 48, also accompanied his family to a gas station hours after he murdered Sarah to purchase two bottles of still water, an apple juice, and a Lucozade Orange.

"It follows," prosecutor Tom Little QC told the Old Bailey today, "that the defendant brought his family on a family excursion to the same woods where he had left Sarah Everard's body days earlier, then returned to burn it and then returned again to transfer and conceal it."

The villain, who is currently awaiting sentencing, abducted Sarah from the streets on March 3 while cruising London in a rental car in search of a victim.

PC Wayne Couzens the rapist family live age married, how did get caught motivation
Wayne Couzens is currently serving a life sentence for her murder.

He detained the marketing executive and then drove her 50 miles to her death during a bogus arrest.

Couzens then burned her body at a plot of land he purchased in 2019 that he described as "ideal for a day out."

By 2.31 a.m., police believe she was dead - five hours after being taken from the street.

Couzens, who was known to wear a police belt with handcuffs when she was not on duty, placed her burnt remains in green debris bags and dropped them in a wooded pond.

Just hours after the murder, he indulged himself to a hot chocolate with coconut milk and a bakewell pastry from Costa.

Couzens returned the rental car the following morning and threw Sarah's phone into a river in Sandwich, Kent.

He also purchased fuel, which he used to burn Sarah's body before contacting his veterinarian to schedule an appointment for the family dog to discuss "potential separation anxiety medicine."

Sarah's body had to be recognized through dental records after it was discovered a week later in Ashford, Kent.

Sarah Everard was assassinated on her way home.
Sarah Everard was assassinated on her way home.

Post-mortem examinations later found she died as a result of neck compression.

"Sarah Everard's disappearance on the evening of 3 March 2021 sparked one of the most extensively publicized missing person investigations in this country's history," Mr Little stated.

What transpired became popularly referred as on social media as #shewasonlywalkinghome."

That is correct. Sarah Everard was only walking home when she was abducted from her family, friends, and colleagues on the evening of 3rd March 2021 by the defendant." However, those five words do not begin to depict what occurred to her and her body in the hours and days after her kidnap at the hands of the defendant.


Couzens weaved a web of falsehoods upon his arrest, which meant that Sarah's bereaved family and the police never learned the true motive for his snatching and strangling her.

He was portrayed today as a sex-crazed maniac, despite the fact that he portrayed himself as a married father of two and even contacted escorts and utilized a dating profile.

Surprisingly, Couzens said he kidnapped Sarah, a stranger to him, for the benefit of a "band of Eastern Europeans."

He was roughly £29,000 in debt at the time he murdered Sarah, with additional credit card debt.

Couzens previously claimed he was unable to pay for a prostitute he met in a Holiday Inn in Folkestone and was thus forced to find "another girl" to avoid causing harm to his family.

Officers were told that the constable drove Sarah to a lay-by between Ashford and Maidstone, when three guys exited a van and abducted the marketing professional.

Couzens has maintained a low profile during the hearing.
Couzens has maintained a low profile during the hearing.

The father of two then asserted that the trio murdered Sarah – despite the fact that her body was discovered on land he owned.

Couzens concocted a heinous conspiracy to fly to London and abduct a woman in the days preceding the murder.

He rented the car used to kidnap Sarah on February 28 using his name, address, and two different mobile phones.

He then purchased a 600mm by 100mm roll of self-adhesive film from Amazon to use in the attack minutes later.

The cop was observed on CCTV purchasing hairbands on the night he abducted Sarah.

On March 7, the monster also purchased a carpet protector, tarpaulin, and a cargo net as part of his grisly killing kit.

Couzens was also seen purchasing two huge green rubble bags from B&Q on March 5, the same day he called his employer to report being "stressed" and unable to work.

Sarah vanished on March 3 as she walked home from a friend's house in Clapham, South West London.

According to the court, she was "in a good mood" and spent approximately 14 minutes on the phone with her partner.

Sarah was saw alone on CCTV at 9.15pm, 9.28pm, and 9.32pm. She was afterwards captured on the camera of a marked police car.

At 9.38pm, chilling footage captured two men standing near Couzens' rented white Vauxhall Crossland.

She is believed to have been abducted seconds later by the demon.

Sarah vanished on her way home.
Sarah vanished on her way home.

Couzens, a gun cop who joined the Met Police in 2018, was charged with kidnap and murder more than a week after Sarah went missing during a police raid on his Deal, Kent, home.

The cop, who was assigned to the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command unit, had completed his shift earlier that morning and was not on duty at the time Sarah vanished.

Despite deleting his phone, data on it connected Couzens to the kidnapping and ultimately to the spot where Sarah was discovered.

Couzens, a former mechanic, was rushed to the hospital twice while in detention with head injuries.

Questions are now being raised about Couzens' continued employment on the force following a wave of indecent exposure allegations against him.

Couzens, who joined the Met's Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Unit in February 2020, was not subjected to extra vetting.

He will be sentenced tomorrow
He will be sentenced tomorrow

This was despite the fact that colleagues in the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, his previous employer before joining the Metropolitan Police, dubbed him The Rapist.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct is investigating twelve police officers for gross misconduct in connection with the case.

The watchdog is investigating whether the Met overlooked two claims of indecent exposure against Couzens just four days before he abducted Sarah.

Separately, an inquiry into allegations that Kent Police did not follow up on an allegation of indecent exposure in Dover in 2015 is underway.

The Metropolitan Police Department issued a statement today in advance of the hearing, expressing their "sickness, rage, and devastation" over Couzens' acts.

'She was only walking home' screamed from social media sites as women shared their own terrible stories.

Numerous people described being harassed on the street and on public transportation – with one being flashed during a memorial for Sarah.

The outpouring of support spurred the Home Office to reopen a public consultation on preventing violence against women and girls, which drew over 160,000 replies.

Vigils were conducted across the country in respect to Sarah by enraged British citizens.

Following the murder, flowers were left for Sarah on Clapham Common.
Following the murder, flowers were left for Sarah on Clapham Common.

Reclaim These Streets was founded in the aftermath of Sarah's death.

"It seems like a tidal wave of half the population saying, 'This is your problem, you need to fix it, and you need to fix it now - we're not taking it any longer,'" Jamie Klingler, one of the founders, explained.

Several of the vigils were marred by violence as cops used excessive force to detain demonstrators.

Although a scheduled rally on Clapham Common in London had been cancelled owing to the pandemic, many went to pay their respects.

Kate Middelton was among many who came to view a shrine constructed at the location of Sarah's last sighting.

Sarah's killing provoked nationwide vigils and calls for action to end violence against women.

Thousands of women posted their experiences on social media about being harassed on the street and on public transportation.

Reclaim These Streets was founded in the aftermath of Sarah's death, with Kate Middleton attending a vigil in Clapham Common.

Following the assassination of 28-year-old teacher Sabina Nessa in Kidbrooke, South East London, the movement has continued in subsequent weeks.

Previously, Sarah's family paid tribute to their "brilliant and lovely daughter and sister."

They stated in a statement, "Sarah was bright and lovely - a fantastic daughter and sister."

She was considerate and kind, compassionate and dependable. She always put others first and possessed an incredible sense of humour. She was courageous and principled, setting a wonderful example for all of us.

“We are quite proud of her, and she has brought us so much joy.”

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