Pastor john hagee lets go brandon, Cornerstone Church in San Antonio TX

Crowd at John Hagee's Church Breaks Out in "Let's Go Brandon" Chant During Service
During the service at John Hagee's church, the congregation breaks out in a "Let's Go Brandon" chant.

John Hagee, a notorious false teacher previously covered by Reformation Charlotte and pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX, is no stranger to preaching politics. While politics is necessary–and we believe that political thought should unquestionably be inspired by our Christian worldview–Hagee has a proclivity for over-the-top political posturing.

While it is impossible to be a Christian and a liberal Democrat at the same time, it is conceivable to be politically conservative and still be lost. This looks to be the location of John Hagee. While Hagee holds some valid political ideas, he should not be considered a brother due to his incorrect, unbiblical theological teachings.

A recent outburst in his church during worship service is one example of this. Throughout the service, the crowd erupted in loud, obnoxious chanting of "Let's Go Brandon"–a more civilized version of the anti-Joe Biden slogans heard in sports stadiums worldwide.

And while some of us may agree with the emotions expressed in this chant–though some may object to its recitation for conscience reasons–I believe we can all agree that the pulpit and pews are neither the time nor the place for this. The pulpit exists for the purpose of preaching and teaching God's Word–something Hagee has no grasp of–as well as for the purpose of worshiping God and edifying the Christians.

Whether you agree or disagree with the word, a church that bases its worship session on it reeks of blasphemy and political idolatry.

Pastor john hagee
Pastor john hagee