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Park Ji-min bts jimin birthday, jimins hands #Jimin #BTS #BTSARMY


Jimin's Chinese fans gave him a "First in the World" large-scale JIMINLAND that covered all of Yeongdo, Busan, for his 28th birthday. Netizens and fans were amazed. Jimin's 28th (Korean age) birthday is coming up soon, and as usual, his fans have started showing off all kinds of projects they have planned to celebrate this important day in both his and their lives.

Park Ji-min bts jimin birthday, jimins hands #Jimin #BTS #BTSARMY
Park Ji-min

The projects that Jimin's Chinese fans plan through his Chinese fanbase PARKJIMINBAR are usually the most anticipated each year because of how big, prestigious, and luxurious they are, and they get a lot of attention all over the world. From projects like lighting up 34 buildings in Hangzhou, China, to customizing a Jimin-themed plane with Jeju Air, to getting full-page ads in both The Times and The New York Times, to making fake snow, to name a few, all of which were the first projects of their kind in the world for any one person, the fanbase keeps surprising people with the creativity and grandeur of each project.

This year has been no different, as the fanbase has once again amazed fans and netizens with the first project, which is made up of PARTS 1-4.

The fans first hinted at the project on September 23, and on September 24 they posted all the details.

In a Twitter post from September 24, it was said that Jimin would be the first person in the world to have his own Jiminland, which would take up the entire 7-story P.Ark cultural center at Yeongdo in Busan. Most of Jimin's music will be played as part of the project. There will be a Jimin-themed café, an outdoor light show, street banners all over Yeongdo, and wrapping of many places in the cultural center, including a huge wrapping of the rooftop! From October 9 to October 15, the project is supposed to take place.

Fans were surprised by a statement from the fanbase that said "the cultural center has never accepted any idol-related projects before" and that "the project was only possible because of Jimin's huge popularity and influence in South Korea."

This statement showed how important the project is and how influential Jimin is. It also showed how much his country loves and values him.

Fans and Internet users alike were speechless when they saw how big and beautiful the project was. On the Korean online community site the qoo, a post about the grand project quickly rose to the top of the "HOT" section. People said things like "wow, the scale is crazy," "a full-scale show," and "Damn, it's like a real festival," and many people, even some who aren't fans, said they would definitely go to the venue.

Even on Twitter, fans talked about how big of a deal it is for the venue to be turned into Jiminland for a whole week, since it is the most visited place in Busan. They used words like "beautiful," "crazy," and "huge" to describe the celebration. They especially liked how Jimin's fans made it possible for him to have a birthday party at the cultural center, which no other idol or person has ever done.

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