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Virginia Halas McCaskey's biography.

Illinois native Virginia Halas McCaskey serves as the team's major owner and corporate secretary. George Halas, the Chicago Bears' coach and owner who died in 1983, gave the team to his daughter. She is the NFL's first female owner. Upon the death of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson in March of 2014, she became the oldest owner in the NFL and in all major league sports in the United States.

Virginia Halas McCaskey
Virginia Halas McCaskey

Early Years

On January 5, 1923, Virginia Halas McCaskey was born to George Halas and Minnie Bushing Halas in Chicago, Illinois. George Halas was a professional football player, coach, and team owner. As a result, she has an American football executive brother named George Halas Sr., one of the Chicago Bears' four presidents throughout its history (NFL). She accompanied her father and the Red Grange team on their barnstorming tour in 1925-26 as a youngster. Faith, family and football are closely intertwined in McCaskey's life as a devout Catholic. At Drexel University, Virginia studied in secretarial studies in order to work for her father. They were all involved in her life: the Pi Sigma Gamma sorority, The Newman Club of New York, The Panhellenic Council of New York, The YWCA, etc.

Virginia Halas McCaskey Professional Life

McCaskey's brother, George "Muggs" Halas, Jr., was McCaskey's heir apparent until he died of a heart attack in 1979. A great franchise was handed down to Virginia McCaskey at the death of her father. The Bears won Super Bowl XX while she was the owner; but, since 1999, she has been a hands-off owner. There has never before been a president of the team without a Halas or a McCaskey.

On January 21, 2007, she accepted her father's NFC Championship trophy. Afterwards, she pronounced it to be "her happiest day ever." Upon the death of Arizona Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill in October of 2019, McCaskey became the NFL's longest-serving owner.


Some reports suggest Chicago Bears may be for sale to potential buyers. Currently, the team's owners are debating whether to sell it. However, that could soon change. The Bears have been a part of the NFL since its creation in 1920, and they've only been owned by one family during that time. "Internal battle among family members to sell... immediately," reports Jim O'Donnell of the Chicago Daily Herald. At this point, selling the franchise would serve more than one purpose. The McCaskeys would be able to profit from their investment, for starters. The Bears are projected to be worth $3.5 billion, and if they sell for that price, the Bears' family will make a tidy sum.

It's a financial crisis.

In order to put the current value of the team into perspective, consider the following: When George Halas bought the team in 1920, he paid only $100. In addition, the Bears may be better off in the long run by selling their assets. Despite the fact that Soldier Field is in severe need of a facelift, it will be difficult to do due to the high expense. Chicago may be compelled to relocate if Soldier Field can't be rebuilt, but only if an entirely new stadium can be built there. A new stadium or a major renovation of Soldier Field will not be cheap, and a wealthy owner would assist. As O'Donnell points out, the three most likely buyers are Pat Ryan, Jeff Bezos, and Neil Bluhm.

For this reason, Pay Ryan, a millionaire who has a minority stake in the Bears, stands to benefit most from a sale by the McCaskeys. North-Western University's football field and basketball arena are named after Ryan. Bears' eight-person executive committee also includes him as a member.