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Odetta Maxwell car crash GoFundme, on the Port Wakefield Highway in Adelaide

Odetta Maxwell, a 25-year-old South Australian musician, remembered after tragic car crash death.

Recently starting university, Maxwell was described as a "larger-than-life" young woman who had a promising future in music. She lost her life in a car crash on Tuesday.

Odetta Maxwell died in a car crash on the Port Wakefield Highway while driving alone. She was transported to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with serious injuries but passed away the following day. 

According to a tribute from her sister, she lived a full life, working hard and fiercely fighting for what she believed in. She was described as outgoing, impressive, intelligent, beautiful, and larger-than-life. Maxwell's family has a history of car accidents, with her parents both previously suffering brain injuries from separate incidents.

Odetta dedicated her life to caring for her parents while still pursuing her passions. She was an emerging musician with tracks that were described as exciting, sweet, carefree, and full of heart. Her social media showed her eagerness for new adventures, including studying, traveling abroad, and continuing her musical pursuits.

According to her Instagram bio, Odetta was a music producer, vocalist, and songwriter who was also a student of psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy. Her sister's fundraiser has raised over $13,000 so far. Odetta's death marks the 11th life lost on South Australia's roads this year, a significant increase from the 4 fatalities at the same time last year.


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