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Octavio ocaña asesinado, ocana vecinos murio cause of death age cast

Octavio Ocana's Cause of Death Is Revealed.

Octavio Ocana was a Mexican actor who died in a shooting during a police check in Mexico at the age of 22.

What was the cause of death for Ocana? According to El Universal, he most likely died as a result of the gunshot wound.

Additionally, photos were distributed on social media purporting to depict Ocana's decomposing body inside the truck, but Heavy chose not to publish them due to their gory nature. He is pictured in one photograph leaned over in the driver's seat, bloodied and wearing a baseball hat. Another photograph shows him clutching a gun in his bloodied hand.

Ocana gained prominence as Benito Rivers in the television series "Neighbors." Elas Solorio, the comedy show's producer, confirmed his death on Twitter, writing, "I can't believe it. My darling Octavio, may you rest in peace. You have left those of us who knew you deeply saddened. Have a pleasant journey, Benito.

Octavio ocaña asesinado, ocana vecinos murio cause of death age cast
Octavio ocaña

Carlos Jimenez, a journalist, shared photographs from the scene. He asserts that police maintain they were not involved in the shooting of Ocana.

"'BENITO' DIED with ONE SHOT," Jimenez wrote. @GobIzcalli's agents. They revealed that actor Octavio Ocaa was killed by a gunshot. According to the cops, things began when they told him to halt. They claim to have pursued him but did not shoot him. He was equipped to the teeth with this rifle." Consider the photographs above.

He further claimed in another tweet that Ocana "attempted to flee" from police, who "directed him to halt." He was intoxicated, removed his gun from the glove box, and was fatally shot in the head. "Everything indicates that he shot with his weapon (inadvertently)," the journalist stated. He claimed that a single shot killed him, and there was a gunshot mark on the truck's ceiling. "He was armed," the journalist reported.

According to El Universal, Ocana was assassinated in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico, "probably as a result of a firearm detonation."

According to the site, the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico is "investigating the actor's death," who was traveling with two pals at the time of his death.

According to El Universal, Ocano and the other two were "going on the Chamapa-Lechera highway toward the town of Atizapán" when they were stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving, attempted to leave, and collided with another automobile.

Car Accident Leads to Actor Octavio Ocaña’s Cause of Death
Car Accident Leads to Actor Octavio Ocaña’s Cause of Death

At that point, a gun was shot into the van transporting Ocana, although who fired it and why is unknown.

Univision, another Spanish-language news organization, reported a similar story, stating that "Ocaa was allegedly driving his truck when State of Mexico police asked him to halt, which he refused." According to the site, he was shot (or shot himself) inside his vehicle.

On Ocana's Instagram page, fans posted homage. "I've always been a fan of your neighbor's show...may you rest in peace!" "Greetings and what an incredible actress you were; you brought many smiles to our faces," one comment reads in translated.

Others read "Rest in peace" and "RIP." "We will never forget you," another fan said.


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