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After India's fundraiser Covid raises more than $3 million, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas thank you.

Medical supplies are provided by the Fund and vaccine distribution is increased.

Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas have thanked the fans for helping India raise over $3 million to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

In April, Chopra announced that in partnership with GiveIndia, she had created a fundraiser to leverage money for her home country, while fighting a second virus wave.

"The worst Covid crisis in the world is India, my home, and all of us need to support! The number of people is recorded. There's disease everywhere, and it just keeps spreading and killing on a large scale," explained Chopra in a video. "I set up a fundraiser to provide Covid relief to GiveIndia, India's largest on-site organization. Everything that you can spare really changes."

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas show sweet PDA while heading to a lunch date at the Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant in Notting Hill.
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas show sweet PDA while heading to a lunch date at the Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant in Notting Hill.

On social media on Friday, Chopra showed that the collection fund raise almost $3.5 million successfully, helping to provide the country with medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrateurs and rationing kits for people in need and families whose children are suffering from cancer.

The money will also help increase the country's immunization numbers, with Chopra's graph showing that part of the funds are going to support vaccination centers in the country.

"We did... for India together. Thank you," Twitter subtitled Chopra.

In a video posted on Instagram Friday, Chopra revealed more than 15,000 people donated for the fundraiser, the actor of the White Tiger and her husband expressed gratitude.

"You came across when India needed you. Over 15,000 of you have come together from around the globe to assist India in one of its greatest humanitarian crises and combat Covid-19 virus' second deadly wave," said Chopra.

Jonas then praised "humanity" for bringing money into India's fight against the virus.

"Which you've never met were strangers, people you never knew, but they haven't stopped you. Your love and your support crossed borders and again showed that humanity is our most important asset," said singer Jonas Brothers.

The video also thanked Chopra for all the supporters and said the actor had a "big difference" in the fundraiser.

The fundraiser was initially set up with an objective of raising $1m, according to Jonas, and the singer revealed that it had raised over $3m successfully.

"So to every one of you who supported our collecting fund, know that somewhere, because of you, somebody hugs your beloved one," Chopra concluded.

Jonas also shared the video with his own Instagram, where the couple's fans praised the effort.

"Thank you guys. Thank you guys. One person comments, while another says: 'So proud of your two.' Nick and Priyanka, you do so much in the whole world.'

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