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NFL news cole beasley wife wiki, rachel bush model images wikipedia

NFL immunization policy is criticized by Rachel Bush when Bills' Cole Beasley appears on the COVID-19 list

As the wife of Bills safety Jordan Poyer, Rachel Bush demands that the NFL's health and safety regulations surrounding unvaccinated and vaccinated players "correct asap".

To express her displeasure at the fact that a number of Bills players were removed from the team after coming into close contact with a fully-vaccinated trainer who tested positive for COVID-19, the model took to Twitter on Tuesday.

As part of the NFL's health and safety requirements, wide receivers Cole Beasley and Gabriel Davis, along with defensive tackles Star Lotulelei and Vernon Butler, will miss five days of practice.

On Tuesday morning, all four players were declared negative for the virus, but they will still be unable to practice because of the NFL's COVID-19 regulation.

Beasley's prior statements about the vaccine, in which he claimed last month, "I'm neither anti- or pro-vax – I'm pro-choice," prompted Bush to unleash a series of furious tweets about the subject.

If you don't have covid and you're tested every day, but you were in contact with a VACCINATED staff person, I know you're not going to blame them." Y'all are insanely backwards!" In response to the players' absence, Bush posted a tweet.

Players who have not been immunized against COVID-19 are subject to tougher limitations than those who have been immunized. Before re-entering a team's facilities and practicing again, unvaccinated players must test negative for the virus every day for five days.

If they are in close touch with someone who has tested positive for the virus, vaccinated players do not have to isolate for five days. After close contact, vaccinated players can return to practice if they continue to test negative and are asymptomatic.

When the vaccinated have been proved to be an issue in the NFL thus far, especially with the Bills, but unvaccinated who don't have COVID are the ones getting punished?" Bush stated in his second tweet. There's must be a quick fix for this."

NFL news cole beasley wife wiki, rachel bush model images wikipedia
Cole Beasley with the Bills in 2020.

However, after interviewing them, the league determined that they had not come in close contact with the COVID-positive trainer and sent them home as a precaution. For Wednesday's practice, Milano and Klein were found to be ineligible.

Every headline should begin with 'vaccinated staff member...' and then go from there. Because of a VACCINATED PERSON, we're now down five players at the moment. Bush said in a third tweet, "Say it like it is."

In addition, I don't want to point fingers at the employee because he/she was forced to keep their employment. As a result of the vaccinated putting others at risk, it's the rules that need to be modified. Now it's crystal clear."


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